Photos of your retro holiday decor — 400+ images already here!

retro christmas decorationsWow, in the past two holiday seasons, more than 400 readers submitted photos of their decorations — sparkling and twinkling and otherwise happifying your home this year. For the slide show, I’m starting with the 2010 submissions already in place. Goodness, we have quite a library of vintage holiday decor. Photo submissions are now closed for this year — but we’ll do it again in 2012, so take lots of photos! Above: A photo submitted this week from Betty Crafter‘s happy and colorful Kitschmas.

And… here are the slide shows:

To see the slide show, click on the thumbnail, it will enlarge, then use the arrows just below to move forward or back. You can start or stop the show from any slide.


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  1. Melanie says

    I LOVE Jimmy Jim Jim’s tree! I don’t have a photo to upload, but my tree has those same color ornamaments on a green tree.

  2. Chutti says

    Love all these swell photos.
    Ann Marie: do your self a favor and make a note in your calendar to shop for that tree in June.
    We did and saved $$$.
    Our realtor laughed when we bought a tree while moving in summer.
    She insisted we put it up while we set up house in Sept. That was a great year-Christmas lasted from Sept to Jan!

  3. says

    Love all of these great decorations! Someday, I’ll have all of mine organized and in the same place at Christmas (don’t ask)! Thanks for including the ones from last year, too, Pam!

    “oelectricmayhemo,” how did you do the stick art on your cupboards? That is just awesome! Is it there all the time, or did you just do it for Christmas (or was it always there – vintage)?

    • says

      Thanks. The stick art isn’t vintage and they are up there year round. I crossed and glued really lightweight dowels together, then painted them black. They are so light that they are just held up with some tape and the ones above on the sheet rock are just resting on some small nails. The candy canes are vintage and made of foam so they are also really light and just held on with some wire.

      • Just another Pam says

        Add me to the list of people who LOVE the stick art, Billy! It’s beautiful and visually exciting so what a bonus that you make it sound so easy.

  4. Laura E. says

    I NEED one of those Edna Looney tree skirts. Weirdly, it looks very familiar to me–I wonder if a relative of mine had one. I do a mostly Arts & Crafts Christmas, though.

  5. JKaye says

    Wonderful collection of decorations. Thanks to all who shared. Whoever posted photo #86, the Colonial Williamsburg prints — I recently found two such Williamsburg prints, beautifully matted and framed, at a local thrift store. We’ve hung them in our bedroom and I love to look at them as I begin and end the day. The artist is John Haymson, and he was popular in the 60s and 70s. For anyone who’s interested, here’s a link with info about him:

  6. says

    I thought I uploaded a tree pic last year but can’t find it in the slide show…here’s this year’s fun. My tree isn’t vintage, sadly, but I live in hope I’ll find one I can afford some year!

  7. Amy A says

    Hi! Can anyone shed any light an those amazing Santa cookies?? How would you go about decorating a cookie like that? It almost looks like the faces on drawn on with something. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I NEED to make those!

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