11 round sofas in midcentury or postmodern style

I have been continuing my overachiever sofa research. You will recall, I first featured the story, 29 places to buy an affordable midcentury style sofa or couch. Then, I did 29 midcentury style sofa sectionals and modular sofas available today. Now, I am following up with: 12 midcentury or postmodern style round sofas. For this research project, I did not worry about price, although the selection I found comes from the same list where I found “affordable” sofas, so prices should not be in the stratosphere. Heck, I don’t really even know where to buy stuff with prices in the stratosphere. Above: Round sofa from Room Service, with another photo and link below the jump…

Room Service:  This company has beautiful products and shows them off so well on their website. Above: The same round sofa, two lovely photographs, from Room Service. Link: Room Service is now Mod Shop.

Macy’s: This is the round sofa sectional that got me started thinking I should write this story. I spotted it when I was doing the sectional story. It’s fabulous looking. Link: Francesca round sofa sectional.  I also found this at Wasser Furniture; I guess you can shop around to find it.

Room and Board:  This is nice looking, 70s vibe. Linke: Hess round leather sofa sectional.

Wasser Furniture: Sexy curves. Link: American Leather Menlo Park curvy sofa sectional. 

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams: I don’t know, this kind of reminds me of seating in an airport frequent flyer lounge; the upholstery doesn’t help, looks institutional to me. But I’ll include it. Link: The round Josie sectional.

Lazar Industries: Okay, I know these are getting lumpy and 80s looking; but, I’ve seen these shapes used effectively, especially when they are upholstered in a fun fabric. Link: 5 curvaceous sofa sectionals at Lazar Industries.

No round sofa sectionals at Blu Dot; CB2; Crate & Barrel;  Ethan Allen; EQ3; Gus Modern; Ikea; Lee Industries; Monarch Sofas; Pottery Barn; Rowe; Stressless; Thrive Home Furnishings; True Modern; Urban Outfitters; Vanguard (because they make me work way too hard on their website); West Elm; Z Gallerie.

Vintage: And don’t forget, you can always shop for vintage. Look at the supercalifragilisticexpealidocious disco sofa that Lynne found at an estate sale. Original upholstery. Happy hunting, friends!


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  1. Lynne says

    Norwalk makes a sofa that is pretty close to a half circle. It is called “Tousley”. We seriously considered it, but decided the curve was too sharp for us.

  2. Kris says

    Too bad not one of them look mcm. We had one made by Rowe in 2005. They did a good job, no arms, 2 pieces, and there is a round ottoman (with storage) that fits in the middle. All in a nice turquoise fabric that has lasted so far (with a 6 y.o. and a cat.) I think we paid $2500. Looks like Rowe isn’t making them right now. There was a another company at that time making 50’s looking ones, maybe trying to hit the rockabilly crowd, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was.

      • kris says

        i wasn’t trying to be snarky at all, just disappointed that no one is making a cool round sectional. i love them. and i love you pam! look at your website all the time. had a pink bath and kitchen, but they didn’t make it. your website has given me a lot of good info. thanks!

  3. Rocket Doc says

    Rowe had a great one called the Eero (as in Saarinen) but it seems to have been discontinued just recently as it is no longer on Rowe’s site. Some retailers still have it on their sites, so i don’t know if it can still be ordered. Pic here: . There was an armless piece which made a semicircle with two one-arm pieces ; multiple armless pieces and you could have an almost enclosed conversation pit.

    I own two of the armchairs from the series and they are quite comfortable for very compact dimensions.

  4. says

    Oh my gosh these are incredible.

    Now I have a question–I once saw a sofa that was an s-curve shape with an upholstered rounded bar that made the back. The catch was that because of the way the back was placed, people could sit on both sides of the sofa depending on how you had it placed.

    I have never been able to find a good picture of it, at least not one that I could save, and I have never seen the sofa again. Can anyone help?

    But if I can’t find it, at least I can sleep at night knowing that the Menlo park sofa exists in this world.

  5. Jennifer says

    What is Room Service? The link won’t open without a password. I LOVE that couch (the first one) and want to buy one!! Can you help?

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