The Old Appliance Club comes to Kathy’s rescue — her 1959 GE wall oven broils again

Yes, it can be done: You can get replacement parts for your vintage stoves, ovens, ranges and other old appliances. Kathy did it — using a resource that readers pointed out here on the blog. Oh, and so cool: Kathy’s kitchen was originally used by a professional cook in the Betty Crocker Test Kitchens! Continue on for Kathy’s happy ending story –>

Kathy writes:

I just wanted to say thanks for such a great web-site. I was able to get the broiler parts for my original with the house, yellow 1959 GE wall oven that the local Service Plus plan (through local gas company Center Point Energy) repairman said they “couldn’t” get anymore. I found your mention of The Old Appliance Club, and they hunted down the parts twice! I didn’t order soon enough the first time.

Gets better! My repairman said since they told me the parts were not available the first time they came out, they would REIMBURSE me. Wow! Saved $150.

I was really happy to keep my oven and cook-top since they are great, original, and the original owner was a professional cook in the Betty Crocker test kitchens in Golden Valley, MN at General Mills near my home. They have some history connection.

My broiler works great. Only cost me the monthly svc fee of $17.50 and I don’t have to remodel and get new appliances. I got an estimate on the remodel. Minimum of $1,500 and then buy the appliances to boot. Thanks again. I’m hooked now that I know I can do this! On to the teal bathroom! (The pink bathroom is in the basement.) :)

One happy girl!

Way to go, Kathy. And thank you, The Old Appliance Club!

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  1. Mary Roberts says

    Oh Kathy…you have no idea how much you helped me! We bought a vintage Westinghouse Wall Oven at a garage sale that fell in love with. It looked perfect! We were crushed to find out the elements were burned out after a service company checked it out for us. This meant we could not use the unit since there were no parts to be had anywhere! We went back to the people we purchased it from just to ask if they tried to get the elements. It was their mom’s and after checking with her, that was the reason she sold it. I happened to stop by this wonderful web site (big thank you Pam) and saw your inspiring pictures and information. We did contact The Old Appliance Club on the web. They made brand new elements for us and our Westinghouse oven is up and running again like the day it was manufactured. You and Pam get all the credit. We had no idea where to turn until we read your story. This is the best, best site on the web. I’m so HAPPY! :) THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  2. Joe Crawley says

    We have the identical unit in our home and it still works and I have ordered parts in the past to keep it running. It’s performance is outstanding.

  3. mark says

    I own a 1959 Yellow GE Automatic Wall Oven, just like the one pictured on site. I’m having trouble locating model/serial number… I need to replace lower heating element. I did find the following numbers on a metal plate which reads (J720T3YE 38 ZT080482A) but, when I search I receive a “NO RESULTS FOUND” Any suggestions?

  4. Vett says

    I have a GE Wall Oven & Cook Top. They were in my home when I purchased it. I believe they are from the early 60s. The cook top is a 4 burner coil select /electric. The oven is a model # J KS06 0034D / serial #HS06710 G. Was wondering if anyone could tell me where I might find info for these appliance. A manual or a website or…?? Any information is appreciated. Would like to keep them.

  5. Al says


    I’m looking for the Owner Manual of Westinghouse Wall Oven (Model: KB850R-3). Purchased in 1977.

    Any hints where I can find it.

    Thanks in advance

    Best regards


  6. says

    General Electric’s model #’s aren’t easy to decipher, but I’ll share what I’ve learned about mine and maybe it will help. I bought a house with a brown 26″ built-in wall oven with matching range and hood (sadly no refrigerator) and it took MONTHS to find any information at all. The model # on the metal plate inside my oven door is J D14X1B, but you don’t actually need all of those letters. The model # of my oven is actually just JD-14, which I learned from an old advertisement. (Note: The P-7 Model is the self-cleaning version, and it’s easy to find information about it.)

    Today I found & purchased (for $15 because we don’t know if it works) a green General Electric oven that looks almost exactly the same as mine, but with a different broiler element and slightly different clock. It’s a model JC-14. I’m hoping at least some of the parts will be interchangeable, but we probably won’t find out unless something needs to be replaced.

    The comment box asked for my website so I entered a link to my “House” album on Flickr, which has photos of my GE built-in (among other things in our newly-purchased 1948 ranch home.) Good luck!

  7. Lois Corwin says

    Unfortunately, we made a hasty and regrettable decision to part with our 1972 GE electric versatronic double oven/range combination when remodeling our kitchen. Am not happy with the new cooktop look that replaced it and would be overjoyed to find my “old one”, in white if possible. (model J896). Any ideas?

    • pam kueber says

      see out story on where to find vintage stoves – use search box or categories. yes,’hasty’ often leads to ‘regrettable’

  8. Viviana says

    I have been searching for the brolier of the 1959 GE Yellow Automatic Wall Oven just like the one on the site. I see Kathy had the same issue. And Mark also wrote the following on:

    March 23, 2014 at 4:53 pm

    I own a 1959 Yellow GE Automatic Wall Oven, just like the one pictured on site. I’m having trouble locating model/serial number… I need to replace lower heating element. I did find the following numbers on a metal plate which reads (J720T3YE 38 ZT080482A) but, when I search I receive a “NO RESULTS FOUND”

    I have left my contact information on TOAC and hopefully someone will come to my rescue soon.

  9. David says

    Hi Kathy,

    I was hoping you could share the exact model # of the GE Wall Oven you have in your kitchen. I have the same one but unfortunately the model # is worn off.

    Mine has a working rotisserie motor but I don’t have the rack assembly to use it. I just want to see this baby with a Thanksgiving turkey spinning away in there.

    Please Please help if you can. I would really appreciate it. I promise to show photos of the turkey before and after it’s devoured LOL Thanks

  10. Aaron says

    I wanted to leave an additional comment. My bottom burner stopped working, so I was looking for one online. Today I pulled out the burner and discover the wire was broken at the connector. I replaced the connector, installed the burner and it works great, so check the wires before you look for a burner.

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