Midcentury furniture mega sale in Philadelphia this Sunday – 53 photos!

vintage furnitureThanks to reader Jennifer who tipped Pam off — via our Facebook fan page — to this massive mid century, retro and vintage furniture sale this Sunday in Philadelphia. I envy anyone who lives close enough to attend. As I read their craigslist post (now gone) and looked at the photos of what is included for sale in this 3,ooo square-foot space, I had to sop up the drool coming from my mouth! Heidi — one of the people in charge of this sale — said that all of these treasures have come from several estates, and they are having this sale to “clean house” and make room in their building. This sale is only three hours long– I predict it will be a madhouse. Thanks to Heidi for letting us feature these photos so everyone across the Retro Renovation Nation could ogle them enviously.

Broyhill Brasilia hutch

I have a gorgeous Broyhill Brasilia hutch just like the one above — hopefully on Sunday this classic beauty will find a good home.

Broyhill Brasilia Commodes

Ditto on those Broyhill Brasilia commodes! It looks like they might have a few pairs at the sale…

eames shel lrocker chair

burke chairs

If a lot of these pieces are priced close-ish to the “starting prices” listed in the ad, then there may be some good deals. The ad says:

We have thousands of square feet of credenzas/entertainment units, dressers, dining chair sets and tables, desks, lounge chairs, floor and table lamps. Whatever you need for your home that’s functional or decorative, we probably have it! Lot’s of fun trinkets and collectibles to sift through. Something for every budget
Eames – Saarinen – Lane – Drexel – George Nelson – American of Martinsville – and more

Credenzas (from $250), dining tables (from $125), dining chair sets (from $50 p/chair), lounge chairs (from $75), office chairs (from $25), dressers (from $100), hutches (from $250), end tables (from $75), coffee tables (from $125), nightstands (from $125)
Table lamps, floor lamps and chandeliers (from $25)
Huge range of art from framed museum posters to original art for collectors ($1-500)

caned rocking chair vintage

burke chairs

brass bust


lamp table vintage retro

lane coffee table vintage

lane tables vintage

modern metal chair

mid century desks

mid century lane coffee tables

I lost count — how many Lane tables are available at this sale?

mid century lane tables

mid century tulip chair

mid century wood dresser

old photos

retro modern dresser

retro modern dresser

retro lucite chairs

retro lamps vintage

retro green chairs

vintage dresser

retro dresser with tapered legs

vintage dresser on wheels

retro dresser drexel

Is that a Drexel Declaration dresser above? Nice.

retro dresser

retro brutalist tiki dresser

Pam loves both of the retro tiki-bling dressers above. Does anyone know their maker? waaaaannnnnt neeeeeeeeeeeeeed

modern chairs

retro bubble lamp

vintage poster

retro patio chairs

Anyone wanna pick up those webbed patio chairs for me? LOVE them.

tulip table and chairs vintage saarinen

retro yellow chair

vintage lamps

vintage mcm dresser

retro rolling table

vintage yard gnome

They even have a vintage yard gnome — this is one cool sale.

vintage silver throne chair

retro vintage chairs

vintage pollock painting

vintage picnic table

vintage furniture mid century modern

vintage dining set

vintage dining chairs

vintage dining chairs

vintage buffet

vintage art and furniture



Anyone else tempted to make a drive to Philly with a Uhaul and most of your paycheck this weekend? I know I am.


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  1. Penne says

    If I lived near I would go to look–you never know. The photo with at least six coffee tables caught my eye. I live in Missouri and find many neat, affordable pieces at flea markets and antique stores, but hardly ever see a coffee table. I’m patient though and really enjoy the hunt.

  2. Mod Betty / RetroRoadmap.com says

    I’ve been to these sales, and they’ve got some fab stuff! Alas since I’m used to thrifting and love the “thrill of the hunt” most of the prices are out of my range, but it is fun to look.

    The location is a bit out of the way, but if you’re looking for a place to grab a bite or drink Johnny Brenda’s is right around the corner (it’s a great live music venue too!) I’ve never been to Sketch Burger but have heard good things, and that’s just a block down or so.

    Hope someone finds the furniture of their dreams there!

  3. lisa says

    Actually the tiki dressers are the Bassett Mayan line. I recently got a full set on ebay and love them! They are from 1960 and have Mayan like lettering on the wooden handles. Have thought that it is weird that I bought Mayan furniture in 2012!!!

    • BlueJay says

      They also apparently made the Aztec line for the dining room! I saw a hutch a while ago on eBay and the furniture is quite beautifully styled…

      Out of curiosity, what did you search for on CL to find your pieces?

  4. Janet in CT says

    Speaking of the Brasilia line (Pam, see this for sure!), there is a really neat “Bar Cart/Serving Trolley” with tiled top inserts on Craigslist right now, in the Boston area. Not cheap, but what a neat piece – love the tiles. I posted the link in the forum.

  5. says

    Link to the Bar Trolley is now in the “Other Stuff” for sale section in the forum, and put up another link to a beautiful walnut dresser and night stands, also in Boston.

  6. Jamie D says

    Just got back from Philly! We went to the sale. We hit some traffic and had to park a couple blocks away so we actually got there at about 12:30 and lemme tell ya, a lot of great stuff had already sold in that half hour. Early birds get the worms!

    We really wanted that Lane boomerang coffee table in that picture above because it’s fabulous in person, but just couldn’t figure out how to make that shape work in our living room so we bought one of the round ones (the middle one in that picture of the stack of tables, actually). We loved the bigger Lane Acclaim round table too, it’s in great shape, but it’s really really BIG so we bought a smaller one similar to the Acclaim.

    We figured since we made the drive we might as well try to hit up a few other shops in the area. There are a few on 3rd street, not far away at all. Mode Moderne has INCREDIBLE pieces, but for a price. If you’re looking for an original vintage investment piece, this would be the place – they’re also an authorized Herman Miller dealer and claim to sell below the retail prices you’d find at DWR and online. They had some jaw dropping sofas and sectionals. Just beautiful. Reform Vintage Modern had some cool stuff, too. Jonathan Adler is a block away from those two shops and is just full of eye candy.

    Anyway, we left the warehouse sale at about 1:30 and that Brasilia buffet was still available…

    • BlueJay says

      We got there at 12:20 and it was a mad house! We went specifically for the Bassett Aztec line furniture, but the condition was not as I had hoped it would be. There were some definite deals there; that Brasilia hutch was $650 and looked to be in awesome shape! I was also hoping to find a record cabinet, but sadly, they didn’t have any. They had a LOT of Acclaim tables when we were there, but the lamps are what seemed to be selling like hot cakes!

      • Jamie D says

        They really did have a TON of Acclaim and it wasn’t selling as quickly as I would have expected. Too bad you didn’t find a record cabinet. We were hoping to find a headboard and there weren’t any. And a pair of nightstands – they had some options but nothing was quite what we had in mind – lots of paired end tables that we could have used as nightstands (again, mostly Acclaim) but everything was a little too deep – I don’t want to bang into a table in the middle of the night. We considered the set of Brasilia commodes for a second, but $600 for the pair was way more than we wanted to spend. I was glad to see someone walking out the door with those at around 1:00.

        You’re right about the Aztec set – the condition wasn’t as good as they looked in the pics. There were a couple of great dressers and credenzas there. The set I really liked had already sold by the time we got there. I patted myself on the back when we saw the Broyhill Emphasis marked $450 – we got ours at the Salvation Army a couple weeks ago for $31.

        I just cleaned up our “new” coffee table with Cabinet Magic and wow…I’m really pleased with it. We need to find a great rug to do it justice.

        • BlueJay says

          Oh wow! Both are awesome finds! Record cabinets are apparently tough to find; they’re even tougher to find them at reasonable prices!

          • Jamie D says

            This place in Kutztown has loooooads of stuff at very low prices. GRQ Used Furniture: http://grqusedfurniture.com/.

            There’s SO much amazing stuff that isn’t on the website. You’d really need to see it in person.

            I went there on Friday and scored a Broyhill Emphasis headboard for $25!

          • Jamie D says

            Oh, I’m not sure I was clear – I found the Mayan dresser for all y’all who are interested in it. I did not buy it for myself. Somebody go get it! It’s in decent shape for only $85.

    • Jamie D says

      If you go to the midcentury warehouse blog, there’s an email address for Heidi, you can be put on the mailing list and notified of future sales.

  7. Jim says

    I just had my secretary grab some paper towels so I could wipe up the drool on my desk..keyboard…and floor. Unfortunately, no doctor was on hand to put my eyeballs back in their sockets. This is the best collection of stuff for sale I have ever seen in my life under one roof…..jealous of all who can go.

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