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    retro christmas cardIt’s finally here – readers have been asking — our Retro Renovation holiday tradition: The Uploader turned “on”. So let’s see your holiday decorations. Who’s got it going on?!  Upload away — and next week, I will name our first 10 “Holiday Decorating All Stars.”  And, in this post, be sure to scroll on down — there are 425 photos from 2011 and 2010 uploaders all there the ogle, too. Put on your sunglasses, though, if you fear twinkle twinkle sparkle sparkly overload. Above: I love to see our readers, hi, Anne, Mike and Bailey — and thanks for uploading your 2013 holiday greetings!  Upload photos of your holiday decorations — Tips:

    Uploader now closed. Thanks, everyone, for playing. We’ll be back next year with more more more.

    Tips to view slide show: Click on first image… it will enlarge and you can also read my captions… move forward or back via arrows below the photo… you can start or stop at any image:

    And, I have a gallery of just of the aluminum Christmas trees (edited anew from each year’s uploaders):

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    1. Oh my goodness! I LOVE those stockings! I have been trying to find some kind of fun vintage style stockings, and Marion’s are the best! What brand are they??? Adorable!

      • Those stockings were made from kits by Edna Looney. I have several myself. They come up on eBay quite frequently.

      • My eyes are absolutely popping out of my head with so many amazing vintage Christmas decorations! They are all so beautiful, so fanciful, that I am smiling from ear-to-ear.
        I have to agree, the stockings that dazzled me most were Marion’s… I may have to find some for our already overstuffed displays.

    2. Hi Pam,
      Thank you so much for posting all these wonderful pics. I just love to see all the beautiful trees, especially the aluminum ones, and how creative and festive people can be.
      Merry Christmas!

    3. These pictures warm my heart better than a Tom & Jerry. Reminds me of my childhood. I’m so glad people cherish the past the way I do. :-)

      • Diane in CO says:

        I agree Suzanne – how did I ever think I was a lone vintage Christmas nut? Tom & Jerry’s! We used to give a T & J party every year in the 70′s. Might be time to resurrect that.

        Also, this photo essay is providing somewhat of a diversion between sniffles for me. :-(

    4. I especially like Marie’s vintage Christmas tree forest! Thanks, Pam, and a Merry Merry to you.

    5. Not sure my photos uploaded. It said some type of “database” problem at the top of the gallery. Are they there Pam?

    6. Yuletide shock and awe! These are fabulous. Just knowing that so many creative people out there having themselves a Retro Little Christmas would put even the Grinch in the holiday mood.

      To Anne of the first photo – great dress!!

      • Thanks Annie! The dress is a reproduction of a Mondrian dress made at the Ohio Knitting Mills in Cleveland, Ohio. The Mills were in production from 1927-1974 and re-opened in 2005 reproducing some of the original designs that were created there. They have a book featuring their patterns and clothing products of different eras. It’s quite a story! I included the link below in case you want to read more about the Mills.


        Happy holidays!

        • Thanks for the link, I too, was totally drooling over your dress…um…figuratively, not literally, because that would just be gross.

        • Oh, Anne! Thanks a million. It’ll be great fun to check out this site.
          Your dress reminds me of a Courreges copy mini-dress I had “back in the day”.

          Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    7. Diane in CO – I know those ornaments!!! They hung on our family tree.

    8. Whoa – Jeremy’s collection – just whoa!

      • I agree, Eartha… after looking through all the photos again, I am overwhelmed by the sheer amount of fantastic decorations that Jeremy has collected! Gives us all something to aspire to, I think.

    9. So many photos! Like “christmas overload” :P

    10. Bungalow Bill,
      I think your green and red pottery could be a Christmas card or a framed picture. Lovely pieces and the composition of the display is very nice.
      Lots of fun memories–certainly remember the thrill of using stencils and glass wax on the front windows!

    11. gsciencechick says:

      There is nothing more amazing than all these vintage Christmas decorations! Every one is spectacular and so much fun.

    12. Janet in CT says:

      Ooh, glass wax! I remember that too! Such a blast from the past! I love the pink trees, the candles, the Santa figures, the vintage ornaments, all the amazing trees; every photo here is just fantastic! Did everyone have a Bing Crosby Christmas album? And Jeremy’s collection is indeed amazing! I totally missed this all last year – what fun! Oh, can’t forget the poster with the ski chicks!

    13. Diane in CO says:

      Okay, Jeremy — no wonder I can never find more of those plastic ’50′s ornaments and those great boxes of vintage ornament hangers! Are you the one outbidding me on ebay? :-) You do realize you’ve created a nationwide shortage, haha….

      Do you leave everything out year-round?
      Or do you bring out your decorations (!) seasonally and arrange all of them each year? It seems impossible!

    14. Michael! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your rec room!!! *all misty-eyed and stuff* Wow, what a great party room for the holidays.

    15. I love these aprons made form vintage fabric, so June Cleaver goes artsy!

    16. Diane in CO says:

      Whoever posted Vintage Christmas Decoration, Kalamazoo MI (giant snowman) — that is my hometown! Is that in Bronson Park?

      • Yes, that’s Bronson park – but the picture is from 2010. The items were in storage and a family lent them back to the city for the holiday….it also included the Santa and Flying reindeer over the water fountain.
        I sure wish the City would show them every year -

        • Diane in CO says:

          Interesting story – thanks for replying. I assume you live in Kazoo – great, great town. I lived near Crane Park if you know that area.

          • I pass by Crane park everyday on my way to work as I drive down Westnedge. I live in Portage, and work in Downtown (corner of South & Burdick). Born & raised here – except for my years in Mpls, MN (1993-2006).

            • Diane in CO says:

              Nina, You’re much younger than I. Graduated Loy Norrix, class of ’65. Grew up in a great house – I still dream about 2215 Crane Ave. Drive by and give me a report! :-)

    17. I uploaded my grandmother’s bathroom decorations. They are my only “true” vintage decorations. However, supposedly there are two of those angel bell things that turn when you light candles under them at my mother’s house. I’m hoping that she gives them to me this year!! lol

    18. I seriously need to up my game ;-) I LOVE looking at these. April, your living room is very pretty!

    19. Awesome photos Everyone ! By looking at them, you would never know it’s Christmas 2012 ! Delightful !

    20. April, I’m in love with your sectional. Is it vintage or a reproduction? Where’d you find it?

    21. Jenny, thanks so much!

      Emily, thanks! it’s vintage with the original upholstery.We got it off Ebay about 2 years ago, and used Uship to deliver it from Florida to Denver.

      Love all the photos!
      Merry Christmas everyone :)

    22. Susan in VA says:

      Note to Wendy W: You were on the right track shining a light through your tree. It was made by Glolite, and should have a base of either chalkware or plastic that incorporates a socket. The light shines through and illuminates the glass rods.

      • Oh thank you so much! Now that I know what it’s called I googled and saw an ad from 1938 how cool! You rock!

      • Wendy beat me to it. I have a small one that sits on a metal base. They don’t usually age well, the candles get broken off or the tree fades and sheds. maybe you’ll come across a base for it. They are cute.

    23. WOW! Amazing! I need to get the hang of this digital photography, however my decorating pales in comparison to some of what has been shown, i just don’t have thge space. Loved the lighted bells in the sputnik light fixture. I use my lighted ice on the tree. Great vintage decorations being shown in some neat retro room settings.

    24. So I see some of the pictures are from the past (storage as it were), which is great because then I don’t have to repost them! I see the original 5 ornaments that I made (glitter & glue & cocktail or two)…when I went to get them out this year, the one regarding ‘not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse’ was nibbled on by a mouse this past fall – I’ve updated the picture so hope it’s posted.

      • Janet in CT says:

        Speaking of mice, I just have to tell this story! I have a little mouse ornament with long whiskers and great big ears and he is wearing an orange felt jacket. I have had him since my son was a baby 35 years ago. I think he was a cartoon character at the time. My cat would pick him out of the tree every night, and when I got up in the morning, there he would be on the floor, less his jacket! I guess she played with him until she got his jacket off and then got bored with him!

        • oh that’s a funny story! I can just imagine my kitty doing the same thing.
          We did manage to finally get the mouse – he was camped out behind ths stove – but now I have to redo the area behind the stove. I cannot cook/bake until that it redone.
          There are so many funny house stories we could all share :)

        • What a wild story!

    25. Lori’s house is AMAZING!!! All of the beautiful blond furniture, the wintry displays in the windows, displaying Dean Martins Xmas album, and the way the chairs are set up around the record player. I’m in serious envy of all of you with these amazing mid century houses. This series of photos has cemented in my mind that my own home needs an awesome fireplace!

      • Lori Tevis says:

        Thanks so much APSUTTER, I’m so glad you liked out Christmas decorations. Each year I try to buy something vintage that I haven’t used before and this year it was the large vintage wintry display we were lucky to find on EBAY. And the Dean Martin album. You have a GREAT eye for detail. Thanks again and have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!. Lori

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