Five vintage pastel bathrooms in this lovely 1942 capsule house — Portland, Oregon — 13 photos

Portland-time-capsule-with-five-pastel-bathsTour-a-Time-CapsuleWow. Not one. Not two. Not three. Not four. Yes: Five beautiful time capsule bathrooms in this 1942 house — just listed for sale — in Portland, Oregon. I received a call from real estate agent Susan Cassidy this evening, and on hearing the story, we rushed these photos on to the blog. It seems very unusual, to me, to see so many bathrooms in a house from 1942 — deep in the midst of the war years. And they are like a veritable catalog of the colors in vogue. Which color bathroom would you choose? Let’s look at more of the photos from this house — and you can take our quiz to see if we have a favorite. Oh, yes, and there’s more to this house than the bathrooms, of course: A beautiful, charming exterior… lovely moldings… and a knotty pine basement with built-in bar. 13 photos in all — and a large-size slide show at the end –>

We are rushing this story to press (so to speak) tonight … and it’s late … so we’ll keep the commentary short (for now) and let the (fabulous) photos tell the story… Let’s start with the charming exterior, I guess I’d call this a Tudor (?)… I want to say Dutch Colonial, but the roof line is wrong… anyway, kind of Tudor, kind of Colonial:

1943-brick-colonial-house-exterior1940s-brick-colonial-house-ext brick-doorway-entrance-1940s-cape-codAbove: Yikes, the brickwork around the entry way is phenomenal. Here’s the listing information:

This home was designed by Richard Sundeleaf and is full or rich detail. Spacious and inviting. The original features include gorgeous 1940’s baths, large master suite with sitting area, 2nd master on the main, classic “mad men” style rec room, hardwoods throughout, built ins, and lots of light. Storage everywhere, 2 car attached garage and sun room.

  • Price: $859,000
  • Year built: 1942
  • Traditional 2 story, Lap siding, wood, attached garage, full basement – partially finished, corner lot.
  • Sq. Ft.: 6,458
  • Bedrooms: 5
  • Full Bathrooms: 5
  • Interior Features: Dumbwaiter, Garage Door Opener, Hardwood Floors, Laundry, Wood Floors, Solar TubeExterior Features:Fenced, Garden, Patio, Storm Window
  • Kitchen Appliances:Down Draft, Built-in Dishwasher, Disposal, Pantry, Free-Standing Range
  • Fireplace Description:Wood
  • Number of Fireplaces: 3

1940s-pink-ceramic-tile-bathroom-and-dressing-area 1940s-pink-ceramic-tile-bathroomdental sinkBathroom #1 is pink and pink… Update: Listing agent tells me that, not visible in the photo above, there is a “dental sink” — see my story about dental sinks here. 
pink-and-black-vintage-bathroom-1940s-ceramic-tileBathroom #2 is pink and black…

vintage-black-and-white-ceramic-tile-bath-1940sBathroom #3 is white and black…


Bathroom #4, pink and blue…Hey, remember Nora’s pink and blue bathroom — original owner in her original bathroom!?

yellow-and-black-ceramic-tile-vintage-bathroomBathroom #5 is yellow and black….

Which vintage bathroom is your favorite?




Oh… and we’re not done yet. Keep going:

Knotty-pine-den-with-fireplace knotty-pine-office-with-parquet-floors knotty-pine-paneling-in-rec-room-basement knotty-pine-rec-room-with-sputnik-light-and-fireplace

Many thanks to real estate agent Susan Cassidy for calling with this spectacular listing — and for giving us permission to feature these gorgeous photos for our forever-archive. Let’s find this house a buyer!



Tips to view slide show: Click on first image… it will enlarge and you can also read my captions… move forward or back via arrows below the photo… you can start or stop at any image:

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  1. Jason says

    Can’t put my finger on it but the rest of the interior rooms look very much like the interiors of British homes. Very beautiful home!

  2. says

    I always love it when these pastel tiled bathrooms are kept intact and celebrated for the charm that they exude. I only wish the wall colors were more cohesive with the tile colors. As itis now, there is a battle for visual hierarchy and the walls are winning when it should be the magnificent tile in first place!

    It would be nice to see the house staged withh more period pieces too! But it is a magnificent example of the beauty of original intact architecture.

    • Mary says

      I disagree with you. With the exception of the last bedroom shown, the yellow one, these bathrooms are fabulous. And I think the tiles look superb with the wall colors. The tiles do not have to be the centr of attention. The colors are so fabulously great together that I do not experience any “competition” at all……..simply beautiful complimentary colors.
      Great home. Too bad it is on the Pacific coast. That place won’t be inhabitable soon with all the Fukushima radiation piling up there.
      Of interested in that issue go to……..and let that information be your guide regarding where to live or not live.

  3. Amy in Sacramento, CA says

    I do SO wish we could afford this house…I’d move up to Portland in a heartbeat for this house! Gorgeous!

  4. says

    OMG – I am madly in lerv with this one and know right where it is!! Beautiful neighborhood – oh I do miss Portlandia! Thank you for providing this link and photos – that peachy pink bath is just – heaven!!!

  5. Merlene says

    Does anyone but me think it strange to have the towel rack inside the shower in the pink bathroom? Gorgeous house! My 1941 colonial in DC has 4 1/2 baths. I wish they were all in such good condition. Beautiful, beautiful home!

  6. Darlene W says

    Please let me win the lottery!! I don’t think I would leave that house for anything but groceries and library books… *happy dreaming smile*

  7. Colleen Ray says

    This house is unbelievably gorgeous. I can’t get over the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. And a kitchen, dining room, laundry room, office(s), and every room is huge. I’d be willing to move to Portland if I could own this house. I absolutely love it.

  8. joan says

    Hi Pam;
    This home is dreamy – right down to the moss. Thanks for sharing. Oh, I have the same light fixture with the big round bulbs. It was here when we moved in and so many people have tried to get me to remove it. My hubby replaced one of the big bulbs with an ugly environmental corkscrew bulb and I took a fit. I am driving everyone crazy when they try to replace/update their homes and throw out the old.

  9. says

    I love all the bathrooms and I’m so envious of the dental sink. Hubby tends to leave toothpaste in our single sink master bathroom. That sink should be called “the marriage counselor”!

    Has the house sold, Pam? I hope the buyers appreciate it’s vintage beauty and craftsmanship and don’t mess it up!


  10. Jan Hare says

    I fell in love with this house last year when it was first posted and have never really been able to pick a favorite bathroom, though I love the one attached to the master bedroom. I check back occasionally to see if it has been sold. I TRIED to ask all my Facebook friends if they wanted to go together and buy it and we could live commune-style, but some didn’t want to move away from their husbands or move across country. :)

  11. Andrew says

    In “The Shining”, interesting occurrences in bathrooms, much like these time capsule photos.

    Three bathrooms:

    Bathroom in Room 237
    Bathroom where bartender tells Jack how he “corrected”…..
    Bathroom “Redrum”

    Also the contemporary bathroom where young Danny Torrance and finger have a conversation.

  12. Heart says

    What a Delight! Thank you for posting. What a Great house, the woman of this home ooozed Grace & Style. I can just imagine how she raised this family through the 50’s-70’s. What a Grand Dame, that dressing room off the bath, so Sophisticated! It’s those little touches like the mirrored tops on the vanities, the lights in the shower, the Dental Sink! Imagine brunches on the terrace, cocktail parties in the basement ‘rec room’ (anyone remember those?) And the wisteria swings for the children, what memories… If the new owners appreciate these touches & leave it, imagine what this will be like to discover in another 50 years.

    Agree with the previous comment re: 1942/economy. Wondering if the husband wasn’t a high level military man (?). Either way the woman/architect had the vision to put good bones in the house to carry them through. Just Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Jona says

    Yay! Beauty that’s appreciated and not destroyed for the sake of being “modern”! I was depressed when I saw a renovation in Houzz where the owners tore out their “ugly” (perfectly maintained original) pink & black tile bathroom. Their entire house is now polar white–BRRRRRRRR!

  14. Melinda says

    I’ve been drooling over the pictures/stories on this site! I wish I could magically win the lottery or something so I could afford a beautiful home and renovate it vintage-style.
    The dining room above is wonderful…I can just imagine sitting down with the family (husband, two kids and my mother) to dinner; a lovely roast turkey or some baked chicken. I’m married but no children, sadly…still, a girl can dream!

    And the bathrooms are something special, too. What I love most is the counter space…that would be perfect because I’m not the most organized person and more counter space would really help. I can’t decide which bathroom I like most, so I’ll just state which ones I like in particular and why.

    Pink and black…it’s retro but with some modern elements. Oodles of counter space and the counter has a beautifully glossy finish. I love the windows on both sides, plus the drawers add plenty of storage for beauty products and other items. I would hang some feminine pictures up in this bathroom, maybe of pinup girls or Hollywood actresses of the golden era.

    Pink ceramic tile bathroom…I’m not crazy about the bathroom itself, to be honest.
    But the vanity area? Yes, please! I would take that mirror and the window (natural light is good while putting on makeup) and that big chest of drawers which appears to be attached to the wall.

    Pink and blue…very cute, very retro. Again, the counter space is insane and I love the drawers.
    Looking at these makes me wish I didn’t live in a cramped apartment where I can’t decorate or renovate, and there is very little room to store anything.

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