Robert’s pink and black bathroom makeover

pink and black vintage-bathroomPink-bathrooms-saved-counter.2An original pink and black bathroom is always a crowd pleaser — and today, we have a beautiful example. After figuring out relatively early in his house-hunting  journey that he was likely to end up in an older house, eader Robert set his sites on finding one with either a pink-and-white or black-and-white bathroom. Of course, the RDGs delivered unto him the pink. To put his own stamp on the space, Robert needed to complete only minor defroufrouification, and the bathroom was good to go. <– bathroom pun, teehee. 


Robert addressed his first email to Pam, writing:

Hi Pam – I always enjoy your blog and I thought you might like to see my pink bathroom. I’ve included probably more images than you want (i’m a photographer, sorry!)… The house is in Connecticut from 1950, and the bathroom was in pristine condition. Not a crack or chip anywhere. It’s like it was never used. It originally had some pretty u*** [edited] wallpaper and drapes which all came down immediately! I decided to work around the theme and have fun with it adding vintage stuff,  rather than try and make it look current. The walls are painted with a silver iridescent glaze paint.


Funny story – when I was looking at homes I kept seeing h****** [edited] bathrooms.  I remember thinking to myself, “If I have to have an old bathroom, can’t I find a black and white, or pink and black?” So when the realtor walked me in {to this house}, and she starting apologizing for the bathroom suggesting how I could work with it, I held my hand out stopping her, and said, “NO, no, no!! this is GREAT!” She looked at me and was like, “It IS??!”

vintage-retro-pink-and-black-bathroomDecorating a pink and black bathroom

Robert, we agree: This is great! You were very lucky indeed to land a vintage pink and black bathroom that was in such great shape and which *needed* only modest cosmetic updates to suit your own personal style. We don’t include a resource list with this story, because it looks like most of your decor items are vintage. However, we will say, it looks like you added black porcelain bathroom sconces from Rejuvenation — correct?

vintage-pink-and-black-bathroomPainting the walls a metallic silver and adding the black crown molding really played up the contrast and angular detail of the space — making this bathroom feel handsome. The crown molding also nicely echoed the black bullnose and liner tile that outlines the bathroom — and helped to balance out the dark flooring.


vintage-pink-bathroom-decorThe graphics used to advertise and market vintage bathroom products are so cool — a relatively easy way to make a nod to a vintage bathroom’s history — and great decor, too.

retro-vintage-clock-in-pink-bathroomOther black accessories — like this retro wall clock — repeat the “outlined in black” motif.

vintage-pink-poodle-hamper-retroAgreed: No matter how sophisticated a pink and black bathroom might get, there’s always room for a pink poodle in Paris. We are sure that lots of readers will be green with envy over this vintage laundry hamper.



vintage-black-white-and-pink-shower-retroAnother clever trick that Robert used to continue the room’s outlines was to paint the inside of the shower opening black — thus continuing the tile outline all the way around the shower entrance.


vintage-retro-pink-bathroom-scaleA few other vintage details like this pink Detecto bath scale amp up the retro factor.

vintage-Eljer-bathroom-ad-framedVintage advertisements framed as art in pink and steel finish out the space.

vintage-colorful-toilet-paper-ad-framedWe can certainly see Robert’s visual skills — he is a photographer with a nifty retro site design —  in this thoughtfully designed space. Thank you, Robert, for sharing this gorgeous pink potty with the appreciative tribe at Retro Renovation.

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  1. Maren Carlson says

    I have a 40’s pink and black bathroom that needs a black ceramic towel bar (the one in the bathroom broke). Do you know where I can purchase a replacement?

  2. Eve says


    Your gorgeous and heavenly bathroom pictures have SOLELY inspired me to embrace my pink bathroom suite and to start transforming it into something gorgeous! I never knew what to do really with it until now!
    THANK YOU! ?

    • robert says

      Thanks Eve – I appreciate it–i really didn’t know what route to take other than embrace it and make it over-the-top! :)

  3. Gail says

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery–I now know how to cheer up the pink bathroom in the 1958 ranch I just bought! Question–there’s a note below the shower pic…”Another clever trick that Robert used to continue the room’s outlines was to paint the inside of the shower opening black — thus continuing the tile outline all the way around the shower entrance.”
    Really? You can paint tile? (first time homeowner, here.) What kind of paint? Any tips?

    • pam kueber says

      Gail, if you look closely at the photo, you can see the arched drywall is painted black — that’s what Kate was pointing out. Yes, you can also paint tile. I don’t know the specifics — personally, I don’t think I’d ever do it.

  4. Carol says

    Robert, Exceptional taste in design and as beautiful as an Armani suit! I’m soooooo jealous of your bathroom. The floor makes everything work perfectly. Congratulations, well done!

  5. Anita says

    Robert — Where did you find the pink poodle clothes hamper and how much? Did you know they also made a matching waste basket. I’ve seen it in black but not pink — but it came in pink. Anyway, that’s just an FYI. I’m really interested in knowing more about the hamper.


    • Anita says

      Thanks, Robert. Need another? :) I’ve kept the one Mom had when I was born all these years thinking someday I would build a room around it. Yours is B-E-A-utiful. After all these years, I’ve decided to go in a different direction. Mine is in almost perfect condition. One stud or stone — whichever you want to call it — missing. Else, very light wear. We were only allowed to put dry cleaning or “dirty” Sunday dresses and stuff like that in it. There was another hamper for really dirty clothes and wet towels and the like. Mom’s bathroom was pink, white and black when I was born and the hamper was her pride and joy. Looking to find it a new home that will love it as much as I have for 52 years. I really want it to have a home like yours and be loved for another half century and beyond.

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