That 70s Ski Chalet — groovalicious time capsule house — 22 photos

mid-century-living-room-with-freestanding-fireplaceTour-a-Time-CapsuleThis stunning 1979 time capsule ski chalet in Ontario has a fabulous open layout with walls of windows to magnificent mountain views. Cool mid century details can be found around every corner — including a freestanding orange fireplace, a smoky bittersweet orange built-in sofa sectional, gorgeous tile and vinyl floors, and even a suit of armor to guard over it all. Thanks to reader Matt who alerted us to this groove pad — currently listed for sale by Diana Monteith with Remax.


From the listing:

Price: $449,900
Year Built: 1979
Square feet: 2,099
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2

Home/chalet with fantastic views of Horseshoe’s Ski Hill & sunsets. Architecturally unique custom designed. UV coated windows with a view from all main upper rooms & deck. Get lost in this retreat, set up on a hill with a very private setting. Custom hight end touches throughout. Master with ensuite. oversized main floor bathroom with separate shower, tub, double sinks & sauna. Family room with built in leather couches.

mid-century-dining-areaThe kitchen and dining room are just as amazing as the living area — walls of windows give way to treehouse views of the forest below. The angular walls and ceilings give a very modern feel to this house, yet the original vintage details make it feel comfortable and homey.

mid-century-retro-70s-kitchenThe kitchen cabinetry matches what can be found in the main floor bathroom, and sports a large range hood that mimics the shape of the freestanding fireplace. We’re thinking that the wallpaper in this space is NOT vintage.

brady-bunch-retro-bathroomBut the wallpaper in this space — yes! And it coordinates with the vinyl flooring! Quite possibly the coolest room in the house is the main floor bath — which looks like it may be just off the entryway — and even has a sauna. Both the floor and walls are adorned with squares filled with organic orange, brown and reddish orange shapes. We’re guessing the walls are wallpapered and the floor is a sheet vinyl. I love the pattern — too bad they don’t still make them like this. One thing is for sure — whoever built this house loved orange.

mid-century-wall-tile-70sNot every 70s ski chalet has a suit of armor guarding the entry — but doesn’t he look perfect while doing it?

brutalist-mid-century-front-doorAnother favorite detail is the front door — which looks like it is wood with brutalist three-dimensional metal tiles affixed to the front.

A huge thanks goes out to Diana Monteith — the listing agent and photographer of this amazing mid century home — for allowing us to feature this property here on Retro Renovation. If you are interested in seeing this property, contact Diana at (705) 725-2217 or email her ad

To see more, view our slide show below:

Tips to view slide show: Click on first image… it will enlarge and you can also read my captions… move forward or back via arrows below the photo… you can start or stop at any image: 


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  1. Chris says

    You know, I grew up in the 70s and have never been a fan of 70s style. But there is something about this house…. What is it? It’s just so nicely done. Maybe that’s it! It seems to ooze good cozy house vibes right through the photos! I hope someone “worthy” buys it and treasures its authenticity!

  2. says

    Great space. Really like the exposed beams and the glass walls providing the views.

    This place reminds me a bit of the John Hart Studios – he was known for drawing the comics B.C. and Wizard of Id and built this awesome studio on a small private lake in 1978. My fiance and I are friends with the grandsons who currently draw it and were just up there for an event last week. I may have to poke them about doing some photography of the space.

  3. Beth C says

    Seriously, the interior design is hands-down perfect for the 70s Swiss chalet architecture found here. It would be a travesty, absolutely sacrilegious, to separate the interior from this dwelling. Hoping that some HGTV-update-wannabe-renovator doesn’t get his or her hands on it. I loathe when something so period perfect is destroyed in the name of “updating.”

  4. Jay says

    Not being a huge fan of 70s decor (having seen enough of it the first go round) this is different. Tends to be more modern and takes a complimentary back seat to the architecture. I bet those kitchen cabinets are solid wood. I want the wall shelving unit that’s on the upper level of the living room.

  5. Robin, NV says

    Oh wow, I just love that dining area with the cantilevered windows. How great would it be to have that treehouse setting with every meal? When I lived in Arkansas, I rented the top floor of a house in the woods with huge windows. I just loved waking up in the morning with views of the hills and trees – like I was floating in a forest wonderland. As a native desert dweller, it was a fantasy world to me.

    Even if the wallpaper in the kitchen isn’t original, I totally dig it. As others have said – this is how 70s decor is done right. Gorgeous.

    • Robin, NV says

      Oh and my favorite things about this place are the awesome tiles in the entry way and first floor bathroom and those amazing pendent lights in the living room. Sigh. I could curl up in front of the fireplace and just watch the snow fall all day.

  6. Melissa says

    Love this house! The angled windows everywhere just speak to me 🙂
    Plus I love orange. I think I’d name the suit of armor Juan. (He’s a standing knight- get it?)

  7. Suzanne says

    I am seriously in love with all of this. That orange, that cantilevered window, that amazing front door – I want it all. I don’t ski. Don’t even care.

  8. says

    I’m not sure that I can deal with the 70’s design revival that’s going on, but I love the living, dining, and exterior regardless. That front door is hawt.

  9. Terri says

    The 70s had their place, and this is it. Oh, the parties that must have gone on there. The intrigue. Floating down the stairs apre ski in leopard print lounging pajamaes for a cocktail (never a drink, always a cocktail) to find Sven cavorting with a little ski bunny! Grabbing Juan’s sword . . . and discovering that orange floors have their uses . . .

    Oh sorry, got caught in the moment there. I love this place. And hopefully someone who can afford their own ski chalet has enough choices of bland-ified ones that they can appreciate this gem and leave it the way it is.


    • John says

      I can see everything you described!! Dont forget Fleetwood Mac, or ELO Strange Magic, Come Sail away by Styx or anything by Donna Summer playing on the reel to reel, the first ipod LOL I think a great cocktail for Sven and his party guests would be a Harvey Wall Banger. what fun! we dont do things like that anymore. =\

      • Terri says

        John – perfect soundtrack and perfect cocktail! Poor Sven, she’d warned him that the last time was the last time . . .

  10. John says

    I LOVE this house…. because I love 70s style. True my home is beautiful 50s and I am decorating it that way. I do love the 70s though! The music, clothes, cars, (uh very early 70s on that one), fondue. 70s parties are the best…. When done like Swingtown, and not everyone coming in with afro wigs and left over hippy costumes. This place is really cool, and I wish I had the funds to snap this up. I can see people wearing tunics with bell bottoms, leasure suits, etc… in here. This also has the feel of a 70s sci fi movie or tv show set. Battlestar Galactica TOS…. Okay I just really nerded out on y’all didn’t I? =)

  11. Liz says

    Fabulous! Fave part is the sunken living room, literally everything from the stairs, depth, fireplace, all of it! the bathroom is hilariously vain. Gotta love it. Thanks for sharing!

  12. says

    I have personally viewed this astonishing property. Its the most whimsical strange property I have ever viewed in my life. Other than a mid 80s kitchen touch-up and an unfortunate recent replacement of the original parquet flooring with cheap laminate in the kitchen/dining everything- its as if time stood still. This house features odd details like an electronic front door mechanism, taking toilet seats and a doorman doorbell that speaks when ever a guest arrives. Upon entry you are greeted with slate tiles way before they were cool. Directly to your left is a Lemon-Lime coloured laundry room with built-in cabinetry over the washer and dryer! Directly across to the right of the entry is the spectaular spa bath with matching tile, wallpaper and cushion floor. Hollywood lighting, a sauna and a Knight (you can;t make this up) guards every talking flush. Back in the main hall you have suspended stairs. As you get to the middle landing you are greated to a copper-covered closet and flanked on each side are pine-paneled guest rooms (pretty unremarkable other than ridiculous solid wood carved joker/ace King/queen wood designs above the beds. Back to the landing you go up another set of stairs and are literally punched in the face with stunning views of the horseshoe valley highlands and the marriage of wood beams, paneling and bronzed commercial grade windows. The kitchen appears to have real solid wood cabinetry with mid-80s built in appliances. Beautiful oversized range hood is echoed on the other side of the house with the suspended orange fireplace! The dining room is cantilevered over the cliff and this is echoed on the other side with an open air deck. I could go on and on. From the beautiful Danish cado system in the upper study to the solid angled cedar walls in the master suite to the birdcage like vanity. Everything is detailed and has a story. In a neighborhood of bizzare late 70s swiss chalet style a-frames and other oddities this propery stands out literally above and beyond all (150ft+ above all to be exact). Pictures in my flicker link above.

      • Matt says

        No! The toilet is talking, no the suit of armor. I guess I didn’t clarify it properly. Sorry for the confusion.

        • pam kueber says

          I think the toilet seat should be miked to the suit of armor! Sounds like, in this house, the previous owners would have been game! Thanks for such a terrific report, Matt! And for the tip! Fantastic house *understatement*!

  13. Rick says

    This is ’70s done far better than most I remember. But, seems everywhere were those half round cane swag lamps. It was the era of John Denver ‘country’ macrame etc. Apologies if out of line in posting this famous (but gone) ’70s Wisconsin motel

    • John says

      I was thinking the same things about this cool house! I also really love the front door. Well done 1970s design is the last decade of really nice design (in my opinion) before the 1980s came around with all the bland almond color appliances, horrid mauve, burgandy and grey fabrics and all the JC Penney overstuffed sofas LOL.

  14. Suzie says

    I’m so glad I found this chalet capsule. I own a chalet built in 1976 with alot of the same features minus the suit of armor and sound effects. Our favorites are the floating stairs and floor to ceiling windows. We have grasped that 70s orange and rust vibe completely.

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