1954 Texas time capsule house — original cork floors, gorgeous brick work & more — 26 photos

retro-steel-kitchen-cabinets-st-charlesTour-a-Time-CapsuleGet ready for some gorgeous aqua St. Charles kitchen cabinets and pretty pink bathrooms because today’s Time Capsule Tour — a 1954 brick ranch listed for sale by Realtor Ed Murchinson in Sulphur Springs, Texas – has original details that will wow. This architect-designed house is absolutely dreamy: We adore all the exposed brick, the cork floors laid in a herringbone pattern, the beamed ceilings, the brick fence outside — and two pink bathrooms, of course! Thanks to a tip from reader Doris and photos courtesy Shoot2Sell Photography, we can all marvel at the mid century details found in this beautiful brick ranch.

mid-century-brick-ranchFrom the listing:

  • Year built: 1954
  • Price: $125,000
  • Square footage: 2,823
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2

Here is a custom-built Mid-century Modern gem of a home designed by Fort Worth architects Easterwood and Easterwood who also designed the First Baptist Church in downtown Sulphur Springs.  A brick paver sidewalk leads to the welcoming front porch of this well-maintained one owner home.

retro-beamed-ceilingStep into the entry with original Italian marble floors and be greeted by a bright and spacious living room that flows into an even larger family room featuring original cork floors, cozy fireplace, wood-beamed ceiling, exposed brick walls and an expansive walls of windows.

vintage-steel-cabinetsThe original kitchen in a beautiful shade of turquoise retains the now sought-after St. Charles metal cabinets.  Back in the day, these cabinets were generally found only in higher-end homes and were ahead of their time with features like pull out shelves and bins and velvet lined silverware drawers.

aqua-steel-kitchen-cabinetsThe separate cooking workstation features stainless steel counters…there is even a matching built-in desk!  There is a large brick terrace just off the kitchen and family room that provides a great place to entertain or relax and look out over the generous backyard, which is surrounded by a beautiful brick wall.

mid-century-bathroom-vanityThe master bedroom suite features three walk-in closets and the master bath has a beautiful marble top dressing table.  The other two bedrooms are large and all of the generous closets feature lighting that automatically comes on and goes off when the doors are opened and closed.

pink-ceramic-tile-vintage-bathroomThe large guest bath features the original tiles and cabinetry.. .all in perfect condition.  The house also has an over sized two car carport, security system, sprinkler system and a separate concrete block storage building.  The timeless design elements of this home have been lovingly retained and maintained…and recently painted inside and out, new carpet, recent high quality roof, AC compressor and more.  A few finishing touches…and this is a magazine quality show house!

vintage-pink-bathroom-tiledWhat a lovely house full of carefully thought-out details. For example, Pam wants prospective bathroom remodelers notice the use of 4″x4″ field tiles installed on the diagonal to create a border around the tub. This is “cheap and cheerful” way to add appeal — so clever.

Mega thanks to Realtor Ed Murchison for allowing us to feature this property and to Shoot2Sell Photography for giving us permission to feature the photos of this lovely mid century property.

Tips to view slide show: Click on first image… it will enlarge and you can also read any captions… move forward or back via arrows below the photo… you can start or stop at any image: 

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  1. Panzyzz says

    My house, circa 1969, has a 1 car garage with a newly rebuilt carport and I love it. We used to use it as a patio when I was a kid. In the interim years someone else put a huge deck on the house (not well built) which I hate, but it is nice because it is in the back away from the noise of the street. Now we use that more. Although the carport doesn’t keep out all the snow, it does a pretty good job, even when the wind is blowing like tonight.

  2. says

    I am the listing agent for this fantastic Mid-century Modern home. I specialize in Mid-century Modern homes and truly understand and appreciate these homes. It makes me feel good to read the positive comments stating that the listing agent seems to understand the property and did a great job of promoting the architectural features of the house…because I do!!! Check out my website for other cool Mid-century Modern homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

    • pam kueber says

      Thank you, Ed, for giving us permission to share photos of this beautiful house! We sure hope you find an appreciative buyer!!! Many thanks for showing the mid-mod-mad LOVE!

  3. Sam R says

    That herringbone-pattern cork floor is a great inspiriation – I have the 12″x24″ cork tiles for installation in my family room and kitchen/dining area, right now I’m just waiting for the adhesive to get here, and for the hardwood refinishing in the rest of the house to be done so I can move stuff back out of the family room. I had planned to go with a “brick” style pattern, but this is much more creative and not much more work!

      • Sam R says

        Nothing I could do could be as creative as the original family room floor – apple green with a bright red six-pointed star mosaic made out of VCT.

        I did have a rather unusual experience two weekends ago – I was working on a fence gate in front of the garage, and an older gentleman drove up – it was the son of the builder of the house! I gave him a walk-through to show what we were doing to bring the place back, and he told me quite a bit of interesting information about the house and neighborhood.

    • Sam R says

      As an update, last night I finished laying the cork tile in the family room and dining area/kitchen in the herringbone pattern as seen in this house. It still needs to be sealed with a couple of coats of water-based polyurethane (the tiles are pre-coated, but the extra layers will seal the gaps and provide an even finish). It looks great!

  4. TerriLynn says

    Ugh! If I hadnt just bought a house a year ago, this would be it!

    When I am ready, cause this is just a starter, I am calling ED!

  5. Julie G. says

    UGH! I am so jealous! My fiancé and I live in outside of baton rouge LA, and a house like this would go for at lease $160K, unless it was in a bad area of town. So not fair, I want one!!!

  6. Cynthia says

    Wow, what a wonderful home. The shade of pink tile in baths is particularly pleasing. Kitchen cabinets the best I’ve seen on this website, and since there have been many great cabinets, that’s saying something. I even like the carpeting and the drapes! I would buy and live in this house in a minute.

  7. Andi says

    I’m not surprised to see I wasn’t the only one floored by the price of this fabulous gem of a house! I almost had my husband persuaded to sell our house in frigid PA and move to Texas! Or buy it as a retirement or winter home. If only we could.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this house! The pink bathrooms are to-die-for, as is the kitchen. All of it, really, is just exactly the way I would want it to be. I really hope whoever gets it understands what a prize they’ve gotten. Perhaps the realtor can print all of our envious comments to help the buyer understand!

  8. Lisa Compo says

    I love this house as much as everyone else. I saw it on the Facebook RR page the other day and was immediately in love. Even hubby liked it. The pink bathroom is just a masterpiece to me. I would love to be able to see this in person, just to walk through and take it all in before someone buys it. The amount of cabinets and counter space is worth the $125K alone. ;) No basement was mentioned…wonder if it has one? I would need somewhere to keep all of my “treasures” and to hide when tornado season comes.

    We looked up the weather forecast and it was 68 degrees in Sulphur Springs and it was 10 degrees here in KY. That made it all the more beautiful. MCM Paradise.

  9. Marcie Baker says

    I was in touch with Ed, the realtor – a lovely guy! – in the event that the new owners didn’t want that incredible kitchen, since we’re just 4-5 hours away in Houston (& have been searching forever for a turquoise metal kitchen close enough to pick up!)

    The wonderful news is that the house is already under contract, and the new owners are our kind of MCM-loving people – they love the house and are keeping the amazing place as is!!!!

    (The bad news being that we’re still searching for those turquoise metal cabinets close enough by to drive to…)

    • pam kueber says

      YAY for appreciative owners. Boo that you’re still looking for cabinets — but I am sure the Retro Decorating Gods will reward you for your kind efforts!

  10. Mike says

    Wow, all I can say is images like these take me back to my childhood at my grandmother and grandfather’s house, and to when life seemed much simpler–not just for me, but for them, as well. What a gem!

  11. Lisa Compo says

    I am overjoyed that the new owners plan to keep the house As Is. I loved this house so much that I looked at the pictures several times a day. LOL

    Hopefully, the new owners will join the Retro Reno tribe and post pictures after they put their furniture in and let us have another peek.

  12. LaFway says

    Is it a trick of photography or are all the rooms e-freaking-normous? The kitchen looks big enough to feed a small school.

  13. Annie says

    I bought a house of this vintage complete w turquoise counters, cabinets and appliances. The appliances had quit so we went back w black at the time. Kept the turquoise. I did a southwest decor. When we transferred and sold it it sold really fast. The new buyers loved the colors even the pink bath! It had 80 acres and 4 barns, one w an arena. We paid 200000 for it and sold it for 300000. It was in Kaufman east of Dallas an hour.
    This one is pretty. I would buy it.

  14. MelJ says

    We just bought a single story home a few months ago (in Ohio) and I showed my husband this house and he said, “we could rent this one out and go!” LOVE it just the way it is. SIgh.

  15. Doris says

    I lived outside of Dallas for years and this price didn’t surprise me. Real estate can be very affordable in a lot of Texas towns. But I am so in love with this house and everything about it. I would feel like I had died and gone to heaven if it was mine. Thanks so much for featuring it Pam. And thanks for realtors like Ed who appreciate MCM.

  16. Lisa Compo says

    Seems like there are a lot of people here who have lived in Texas.

    Just for knowledge and fantasy sake…..if we decided to relocate from KY in a year or so to Texas. Is there a certain area where it’s affordable living but the humidity isn’t just miserable all summer? Is there a place that is warm in the winter (this year aside LOL) and tolerable in the summertime? I don’t know much about Texas but I think my arthritis would thank me for moving there and they seem to have some beautiful real estate. Thanks for any info. :)

  17. Jacquie Y says

    I wish there were homes like this in the Phoenix area. There were some after the real estate bust about 5 years ago..now they are so scarce, if any. We had an influx of investors buy and tear them up. This price makes my heart ache! Husband and I have been searching for a 50′s or 60′s home with no luck here, but we did find a cute 1972 ranch..we put a contract on it..we’ll see what happens! I hope this darling Texas house gets someone to love it!

  18. Neil says

    I’m willing to bet that front door is not original, nor even the opening it fills. The style of it is way out of place with the house, and I imagine there were originally either two doors that opened away from each other, or more likely a single door that was wider plus a fixed transparent panel of some sort next to the brick wall.

  19. elaine says


  20. says

    I am so excited that my listing took the number 1 spot! It really is a cool house. Those kitchen cabinets were perfection. It was a one owner house and the original owner even had her refrigerator custom painted to match the cabinets. Thanks again for featuring my listing!

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