Antiques on Second antiques mall, Milwaukee — 45 photos

pam kueber There was antiquing, there was crafting, there were overpowering tiki drinks, and there was vintage Leonardo diCaprio on DVD. Yes, after nearly two years of working together, Kate and I finally met in person. We have some projects up our sleeves, so last week I flew from Massachusetts to Milwaukee to spend a few days with Katiedoodle at the Retro Ranch. Kate and her husband Jim were wonderful hosts. High on our have-some-fun-too agenda: A trip to check out the Antiques on Second antiques mall.  The store was FABULOUS — 200 dealers on three floors covering 37,000 s.f. We closed the joint down.

 Antiques on Second antiques mall, Milwaukee

Antiques on Second is quite the destination — well organized, well staffed, full of old stuff, including lots of 1950s, 60s and 70s, my favorites. Definitely a place to hit if you are in or near Milwaukee and in the mood for treasure hunting. Kate and I looked at everything — we were well matched as shopping partners — and it took us almost the entire day to go through this place, I am not kidding! The store opens at 10 a.m. We arrived around 10:30 a.m. We broke for lunch at 12:30, were back within an hour, and really, still were not quite through at 5 p.m., closing time.

ransburg canistersAbove: This set of vintage Ransburg kitchen canisters looked to be in amazing shape. I am pretty sure that there are many readers here who would love to acquire these beauties. I could design an entire kitchen around them!

raymor bullAbove: I really should have snapped up this little Raymor bull. I was not really in the buying mood — mostly because I did not want to schlep breakable stuff back home with me. 

christma angelsAbove: I still have not shaken off my Kitschmas madness. There was a good stash of vintage Christmas decor, at reasonable prices, up on the third floor.

chalkware swanAbove: There were a pair of these Miller Studios chalkware swans for $19 total. They were in great shape.

danish modern coffee tableAbove: A lovely little coffee table with Brasilia-esque lines. Overall, I thought the prices were good at Antiques on Second.

IMG_3754Above: Oh my goodness, look at those little sand owls. Or what do you actually call this craft? I am not sure. This piece of art was in terrific shape, too. Not dirty at all.

Oh, it came to me: Gravel art. There is a second, coordinating piece in the slide show below – wonderful!

IMG_3752Above: Antiques on Second has three stories of dealers. It is chock ablock with treasures. Your head will be spinning. You cannot even focus after a point. I looked up and saw this TV light — I love the piece of glass behind the deer — this piece must look interesting, lit up.

jewelled christmas ornamentsAbove: Jewelled Christmas ornies. I should have bought these, drats! 

NOS kitchenwareAbove: New Old Stock kitchen serving tools — complete with hanging rack and in original box. As I recall, this was $29.

paper mache christmasAbove: Falalalalala, papier mache angels.


…. And nuns. :)

retro-vintage-antique-2Above: These are anodized aluminum ice tongs with advertising messages.

vintage ice skatesAbove: Vintage Wisconsinia. Too sweet!

vintage-lamp-2vintage-lampvintage lamp 1970sAbove: Throughout the store, pairs of lamps could be had for $50-$100, singles, for less.

vintage owl plaquesAbove: Hoo wouldn’t love this place, that’s what I want to know.

vintage plantersAbove: Small vintage planters in lovely colors.

vintage-globsWhat catches my eye? The sweet, the odd, but especially, the colorful, kitschy and outrageous!

Slide show of vintage finds from Antiques on Second

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  1. Janice says

    Oh My……what I wouldn’t give for that pair of orange lamps. Wow – what a store!

    Love the fun pictures of you and Kate.

  2. Laura E says

    Great prices on those lamps!! In California that pair of orange ones would have easily been several hundred dollars in an antique mall.

  3. Robin, NV says

    Really? Seriously? You guys have never met? That’s crazy. Makes me think we should all do a meet up at some point.

    I have two of the wall hangers for the kitchen utensil set. Until now I had no idea what they were used for. I assumed they were for coffee mugs. I hang my oven mitts on them but now I feel like I need to get some vintage utensils to display.

  4. Kelly says

    Yay! Glad you enjoyed Milwaukee. It’s a great city, with and untapped vintage market. I’m glad to call it home.

  5. Melissa L. says

    The jeweled Christmas ornaments you wished you had taken home were originally available as kits that you put together yourself. I know because I have two of the exact same ornaments and I made them in 1964 when I was in high school They are still treasured and used every year on my tree.

  6. Jay says

    That is so neat! I can’t believe you two never met person to person before. Thanks for sharing all those photos of nice vintage stuff. In my neck of the woods this it would be ourageously priced. I want to go to Racine to see the Johnson Wax building so maybe include a trip to Milwaukee as well because this place looks like a great antique mall.

  7. Kelley says

    Love all those lamps! What really sets my heart aflutter, though, is the gorgeous lavender Blendo cocktail set in pic #38. I’m collecting Blendo and I’m hoping to find a set like that around here. Looks like you ladies had a wonderful time hanging out!

    • says

      Kelly, If you really want the Blendo set, we do ship anywhere in the country! Call the mall at 414-645-9640 they will give you all the info! It’s a very cool set!

      • Kelley says

        Thanks so much, Suzi! If I don’t find anything local this weekend, I will give them a call and see if it’s still available.

    • Lynne says

      Kelley, how do you know if its Blendo glass? Is it marked in some way? I have a box of pastel frosted glasses that I was going to donate to the thrift store this weekend.

      • Kelley says

        Lynne, Blendo glass almost always has the gradiated frosted color coming from the bottom to the mid-top of the piece. Most pieces are also rimmed in 22kt gold. Try a google search on Blendo, and you will see some gorgeous pieces! I’ve seen quite a few pieces that have a small black and gold sticker on them shaped like the state of West Virginia, where Blendo glass was made. The most common colors I’ve come across are turqouise, lavender, pink and green. But I’ve seen orange and green online, as well. Right now, I have a tall turquoise pitcher, but not the glasses that would go with it. I also have a pretty turquoise salad bowl. Some bowls were also sold as a chip and dip set with a wire attachment that held a smaller bowl over the bigger one. I love this stuff!

  8. Meredith says

    Loooove places like that. I would have slept over! I’ll take the deer figurine, the kitchen utensils (I have and still use that spatula), ALLLL the vintage bottle brush trees, and the Hey Diddle Diddle lamp (I had that in my nursery as a baby!). Thanks for the slideshow!

  9. Cynthia says

    Congratulations on finally meeting; you are both doing a wonderful job on this blog and seem to be kindred spirits. I would love to visit that store one day. The lamps seem particularly choice. I’d buy the blue bull ceramic and a pair of lamps. And maybe a wall swan.

  10. chutti says

    Jumping on the Milwaukee Antique love fest bandwagon!

    I miss my time in ‘Sconsin; the people were great, and the antiquing was superb! Had a great time at Antiques on Second about 4 yrs ago.
    Got hubby a swell beach ensemble-terry shorts and camp shirt for very little.

    Best part was when my phone rang, and the proprietor of our shop figured out I was from California. And close to where he grew up….which was locally famous for a ‘funny farm’ which all they kids sang about in a not too nice jingle. He couldn’t believe it when I started in on the words to “i.M.O.L.A” and we had to call his sister back home and sing it to her.

    Good times, always in Milwaukee.
    love, love that place!

  11. lynda davis says

    Great story! So glad you had fun. You will have such fun memories someday. Bargain shopping with great friends are some of my fondest memories.

  12. Anne-Marie says

    This place looks AMAZING!!!! Good thing it is not in CO-I would spend a lot of $ there. Thanks for the inspiring pictures!!!

  13. Roundhouse Sarah says

    So glad you two finally got the chance to meet in person! I’m sure y’all had lots of fun. I would have left the store arms loaded, so many great finds.
    Oh and Happy Mardi Gras everybody! Laissez les bon temps roulez!

  14. Katie Ro says

    Those owls! Do you remember about how big and how much and where? (I know, so many questions) Antiques on 2nd is a favorite of mine, and glad you got to visit. So awesome to learn that Kate is a fellow Milwaukeean! I love finding like-minded retro ladies around here.

  15. Stacia says

    Although I can’t promise that level (3 levels!) of retro goodness around here, either of you are welcome to stay with me if you ever find yourself in the middle of Missouri. And you don’t even have to hire me! :-)

    • pam kueber says

      ahhhh, thank you! One day soon I need to make a pilgrimage to St. Louis — that’s THE BEST PLACE for the mid mod!

  16. Diane in CO says

    Hope one of you bought that Abominable Snowman coat, LOL. It was probably cold enough in Milwaukee to actually use it!

    It’s so great you two finally have met!!! Great post.

  17. says

    Just to let every one that views these pics from out of town, anything you see on our facebbook page can be shipped anywhere in the US!! Just call the mall and will be happy to help you!!!

  18. Joe Felice says

    WHAT???? I assumed you aregood friends and work together personally. It never occurred to me that Kate “telecommutes.”

  19. Lisa Hicks says

    Hello, I love going to antique craft malls and was wondering if you know of any in michigan? They only one I know of is in sterling heights, MI. I know you do alot of research for us so could you let me know? I saw your milwaukee story but was wishing there was one closer to me. thank you in advance for your help.

  20. says

    Thanks so much for shopping our antique mall. It’s a wonderful way to spread the news about Milwaukee’s best kept secret for antiquing. I am a vintage clothing and MCM dealer, yes, the Curley Tibetan Lamb coat is mine along with the unusual bolt of fabric. I love vintage patterns and fabric and have tons of it so if you are looking for something special like drapery or fabric to make pillows or reupholster something let me know. I’ll be more than happy to take some photos and ship it to you.

    Thanks again for spreading the word! Love your blog and will keep on following you.

  21. Leah says

    I know this story is a month old, but I’m curious if you got to go to At Random? Really cute bar, definite time capsule, I think it’s looked the same for at least the last 40 years, probably longer.

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