Pam-o-gram update

pam-post-opKate here with a Pam-o-gram update. Above: that’s post-op Pam trying to give a peace sign.

Her surgery yesterday morning to get plates put in her arm and wrist went smoothly. After surgery, the doctor gave her a new, sleeker cast that allows her fingers to move enough so she will be able to type while her arm heals — hallelujah! Right now she is trying hard to get some rest and relaxation, but she’s having blog withdrawals and has been sneaking over to the computer to reply to a few comments here and there. Pam says it is driving her nuts that she can’t yet type like a madwoman like she did before her tiki-accident, but I keep telling her that all of you wonderful readers understand why she hasn’t been as active as usual replying to comments here and on our Facebook page. Bottom line, Pam is now on the mend and has the determination of a ravenous piraña to get back to her ‘crazy in a good way’ life as usual here at Retro Renovation. Thanks so much for all the well wishes, captions and understanding — we both really appreciate it.


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  1. Jay says

    Glad to hear the surgery went well and that you are now on the road to recovery. Kate said to take as much time off as you like – with your feet up eating bonbons while watching the soaps. ( I think that’s what mid century housewives did when they weren’t hosting their bridge club parties).

  2. Diane in CO says

    Relieved to hear your surgery went smoothly – I’ve been thinking of you and wondering how you were doing!! Do rest and don’t overdo.

    Try to see this mandated down time as a chance to catch up on reading, old movies or DVD’s, research a topic that’s been on the back burner or practice being a leftie i.e., play scrabble with your left hand. (Remember lefties are the only people in their right minds….) 🙂

    Seriously, sincere best wishes for a most speedy recovery!

  3. Mary Elizabeth says

    Just want to add my good wishes for a rapid healing time. Read any good books lately? Feel so sorry for your DH–he must be frantic to have you back to what you love to do. 🙂

  4. TraceyC says

    Thanks to Kate for the Pam-O-Gram update!
    Nice to hear good news. Hope Pam is feeling much better.
    Didn’t someone say “It is not the fall that will kill you, it’s the boredom in recovery afterward that will?”
    Maybe physical therapy can involve something fun, say….making those vintage Christmas ornament wreaths! Getting your fingers around all those little ornaments must be good therapy for body and soul, no?
    Kate…thanks for all that you do to inform us and to keep all of us from having retro-withdrawals. You take care, too!

  5. virginia says

    Rest up, Pam, and don’t overdo! We are all in this together, right? I’m now I’m not going anywhere if the heavens allow. Nothing is really more important that taking care of yourself and healing up.

  6. Shannon says

    Oh no! I can just feel the glass tile and stainless appliances take over that much more without Pam on duty! 🙂

    You take care of yourself. I just had sinus surgery Tuesday and tried to lift laundry today and…oops! So I won’t if you won’t! First one who recovers wins!

    Pink bathrooms and formica counters,

  7. Edwin Wilson says

    HEY Pam!

    Man! I am so so so sorry to hear. Glad you are starting to heal and I hope you are pain free, recover quickly, and doing well in general!

    Regards from Charlotte- Edwin

  8. Helen says

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Hey, I recruited a newbie for you. Who knew my sister liked retro? We were shopping for a new tv stand for her in Vancouver and she fell in love with a retro “thingy”. Naturally I said, “Hey, if you like retro, why not visit my friend’s site Retro Renovation.” I’m back in Belgium and she is trying to sell her big armoire to fit the retro tv stand. 🙂
    Helen V.

  9. Lisa Compo says

    I just read about your accident and surgeries. I haven’t been able to be on my computer hardly at all due to some muscle or nerve problems in my upper back. It burns terribly when I do certain positions, the computer is a big culprit, unfortunately. I really hate being so limited on my RetroReno time. 🙁
    I am sending you my best wishes for a quick, easy and full recovery from your surgery. I found you while I was recovering from one of my many spine surgeries and your blog helped me pass many long boring days of inactivity. Hopefully, you can find something just as fun and educational during your “non-typing” phase. You always seem to dig up the best things for us to see. Get Well Soon, Lisa 🙂

  10. Ben says

    I’m glad you’re recovering! I just got back to work after getting in a collision with a drunk driver, so I can tell you from immediate experience: don’t overdo it, it’ll take that much longer to be back on your feet!
    While you’re taking it easy, there’s lots of time to look at colors and patterns, I know I got a lot of planning done on my place (although I had to hire a crew to do work I’d have ordinarily done myself…and one of my friends bribed them to make sure I didn’t try to help!)
    Get back up and running soon!

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