Six places to buy beautiful double cone “bowtie” lights — from $79 to $205

bowtie cone light sconcesFollowing up on more leads for sputnik chandeliers, we discovered what look to be six great sources for seven styles of midcentury style double cone lights aka “bowtie” sconces — all made in the USA and ranging in price from $79-$205 each. Surely there are original vintage fixtures like these cone lights out there to be found. But, if your lighting project requires matching multiples — which can be difficult to source vintage, or, if you want to avoid a long search — well, golly, these look like lovely options to have.

1. Practical Props:

midcentury cone sconce lightOne of our favorite sources for affordable midcentury style lighting made in the USA, Practical Props offers two styles of double cone sconce lights. Their designs include pinholes — what fun! Right now, this light — in satin brass — is on sale for $79. It also comes in aluminum, $99. 

midcentury cone sconce lightPam and I especially like Practical Props’ anodized brushed/satin brass model (above). Nom nom to its sleek, all-one-piece design, which gives it a seamless hourglass figure. (Made Pam think of… Spanx, teehee.) The pinholes, arranged in diamond shapes, are also done quite nicely.

cone light retroUpdated 10/22/2015 — Need cone lights rated for damp exterior use? Practical Props has introduced these, too.

2. Starlight Modern Lighting:

brass-midcentury-wall-sconceThese cone lights from Starlight Lighting via, can be configured for direct wiring, or…

brass-midcentury-wall-sconce…corded with a plug so kaboom you can hang them right on your wall sans the need for an electrician. This design — slightly different from the others — also is quite lovely. We like seeing that little extra space in the middle of fixture. No pinholes, but I guess you could say that makes it less screamy. These sconces are handmade by owner Sheridan. He sells them for $99 each.

3. Rejuvenation:

midcentury cone sconce lightAbove: Rejuvenation’s Galaxy design brings yet another design twist to the mix — note how the upper cone is a narrow shape — lovely! Also a positive for this fixture: It’s available in four finishes — bronze tone, brushed aluminum, white enamel and black enamel. $205, made by the Rejuv team in Portland.

bowtie-cone-sconce-lights4. Hip Haven

Hip Haven tells us that they purchase parts for these lights from California and powder coat and assemble them on-site in Texas — the variation that Hip Haven offers is exclusively theirs, they say. Want a different powder-coated color? Hip Haven also can also custom color the lights to order.

The stock light is spun aluminum and has a silver-grey powder coat. They are appropriate for covered outdoor and retail for $175. The bare aluminum version is currently available for $149, but will probably be discontinued, Hip Haven advises, because they are limited to indoor use and rarely sell.

jonathan-adler-bowtie-cone-sconce5. Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler offers a modern take on the classic midcentury bow tie cone sconce light with his Havana half-wall sconce. This steel fixture is available in powder coated white with a polished nickel accent for $147.40 at

bowtie cone light6. Remcraft

Remcraft offers a midcentury modern take on the bowtie light, made of aluminum and available in three finishes: white, bronze and satin aluminum. Prices for this fixture range between $174 – $190 depending on the finish you choose.

What a fabulous selection — and great prices!
Which design style is your favorite, dear readers?


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  1. Kristin says

    I’d add Hip Haven to the list. They are relatively affordable and were the only place I could find double cones wired for exterior use.

  2. says

    All three are beautiful.

    The big difference I see are the bases.

    The first two are more cylindrical which I personally find geometrically appealing to the shades. The third has a more spherical base which is an equally nice treatment so it’s tough to choose a favorite.

    I’ve bought several items from Rejuvenation and they are all top notch quality so that can justifiy the higher price point.

  3. Lynne says

    A word of advice if you choose Rejuvenation. Make sure you check availability and shipping dates. We ordered two table lamps from them in late October. Off the rack, right out of the catalog, nothing custom. The order clearly stated “in stock”. We waited the specified 4 weeks or whatever it was. No lamps, two more weeks. No lamps. We assumed the Holidays were slowing things up, but husband emailed and inquired. The reply: Hopefully mid June delivery! JUNE! This company isn’t what it used to be.

  4. midmichigan says

    Great post. They’re a very cool, timeless design. These were really popular both as inside and outside fixtures. I was watching an old Dick van Dyke Show from ’62 the other day and noticed several of this style on the walls of the office sets they made for the scene. It’s too bad it was in black and white or I could have made out the color.

  5. Laurie Louise says

    We live in an environmentally sensitive area and have to use dark sky lighting outside. (Did you know one of the causes of the decline in the lightening bug population is so much exterior lighting? They can’t find each other to mate because the ambient light is so bright.) If “appropriate for covered outside” includes deep eaves, Hip Haven’s might work, with the top light bulb not screwed in all the way. I haven’t gone searching for exterior lighting yet because there are about five million things on the list ahead of it, but I have wondered what exterior down lights would be period appropriate. We may have a winner!

  6. Dawn says

    I ordered 2 from Practical Props for bedroom and would highly recommend as it is good product, very pleasant to deal with, and fast shipping.

  7. Aaron says

    Thank you SO much for posting this article! I’ve been searching the past few weeks for replacement bowtie lights, so the timing is just perfect. Thank you for your research!

  8. Cynthia says

    These are terrific looking lights, very good prices and selection. I’m considering buying a few. Great story, as usual!

  9. leslie L says

    The Practical Props gold-tone, all one piece light, is in my upstairs bedroom right now. I purchsed it in 1979 when I had major updates done on my 1913 house. The wiring was already there and I picked out that fixture so that there would be a ‘nite light’ as well as a reading light on that wall. I paid all of $15.00 for it, new, at an electrical supply house in Columbus, Ohio. It still looks as good as that photo of yours and has always worked perfectly. Now that I know where to find another one, I may add one to the bedroom on the first floor, as well. I have always loved the versitility of this design. This light was used daily for the last 19 years by my roommate and it served my house as well for 35 years.
    I guess this is a pretty good testament to the quality of this light.

    • pam kueber says

      Thanks, Erin! I think we have seen that in a bathroom before — one of Mike and Lindsey’s pinks, from their first house! Thanks for the reminder, we’ll add it to the list and graphic. And when I say “we,” I mean Kate, of course hehe!

  10. Aaron says

    My pair of sconces arrived today from Practical Props! I went with the stainless pin-hole lights and put them up IMMEDIATELY! They were an absolute snap to install, took all of 10 minutes. Thank you again for this very timely and illuminating post – I thought I had searched the world over for these lights and here you had several places (and prices!) to choose from. Thanks again.


    • Mary Elizabeth says

      “Illuminating post” on light fixtures? 🙂 A post on midcentury clocks would be more “timely.” All kidding aside, it is wonderful how Pam and Kate’s posts just seem to pop up at the exact right time for someone in his or her retro-renovation journey.

  11. Joe says

    Practical props won’t show the price of lamps until you buy them. I am assuming the eventually show you once you buy, but I didn’t like that sales approach so I didn’t go through with the purchase. It shows that shipping is $10 but continues to show the price of the lamp at $0. There is also no contact information for them or a way to ask what the pricing is. It comes off a bit shady.

    • pam kueber says

      I don’t find that to be factual. I get to their prices immediately, and they go right into a cart, showing the price. e.g:

      I then see the price, and calculate the shipping, which shows. There is a phone number right there.

      That said: I think this part of their website is new. Perhaps you were working with an earlier version. Try again! Note: They are a very small operation.

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