The time capsule house that turned Modernism Week upside down — 47 photos

1970s palm springs houseTour-a-Time-CapsuleBuckle up yer jet packs, time travelers– we’re about to take a ride back to 1969 glamour in this amazing, technicolor dream house in Twin Palms, Palm Springs, listed by Lucio Bernal. And is it… the wave of the future? Maybe: It was a big hit during the recent Modernism Week, we are told. Would it be: Minimalism: Out; Maximalism: In. P.S. Today is Pam’s birthday, she would be very grateful if someone would buy her this beauty — she will not change A. Thing. Thank you, super-reader ineffablespace, for this time capsule tip!

1970s palm springs house

From the property listing:

  • Price: $850,000
  • Year built: 1969
  • Square footage: 3,350
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 1 full/ 2 3/4

IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK. Take a stroll down memory lane in this meticulously preserved Twin Palms Masterpiece. This one-of-a-kind time capsule will leave you feeling as though you’ve been plucked from reality and transported to a time of Cocktail Parties and Hollywood Weekend Retreats. This stunning home truly represents the epitome of Modernism and the essence Palm Springs. From the Moire wallpaper and draperies to the gold crystal chandeliers throughout, this fully furnished blast from the past will leave you asking only one question: Shaken or Stirred? Home features, a dramatic gated entry, terrazzo floors in the hallways, custom drapes, custom furniture, den with bar and custom bar stools, a fireplace, pool, spa, views of San Jacinto mountains, two car garage, and countless details and features to enhance your experience and lifestyle.

1970s palm springs house

Wow, this home is decorated to the nines — and it is evident that the owner and interior designer worked together to use bold color throughout the home. Each room is nearly monochromatic with one main color used very boldly in the space.

1970s palm springs house

Lucio Bernal, the listing agent for the property, was just as impressed with the decor as we were. He wrote:

The big mystery on this house is that it had two owners, and no one seems to know who did the decor and the architecture. We are trying to find out. It would be fun if your audience was able to figure it out.

This house has turned Modernism Week upside down here, because it is the house that seems to be most photographed and talked about.

Apparently this house was a hit with everyone who came to see it!

1970s palm springs houseEach of the three bedrooms have their own distinct color scheme and feel.

1970s palm springs houseThis hot pink master bedroom is amazing. Just look at the detail in that built in headboard. I would feel like royalty sleeping in this room!

1970s palm springs houseLeaving no detail out, the window on the opposite side of the room is equally extravagant and bright. A custom made TV stand with symmetrical hot pink tufted benches flanking either side brings a little of the ornateness from the headboard to the opposite side of the room. 

1970s palm springs houseThe hot pink carpet continues all the way down the hall and into the master bathroom, which features a ginormous double vanity and a free form sunken tub in the center of the room — likely so you can admire every bit of the gorgeous decor whilst bathing!

1970s palm springs houseThe third bedroom is a vision in blue, blue carpet, blue furniture, blue wallpaper — and feels much more serene than the master, but still just as special.

hollywood-regencyIs it a coffee table or additional seating?



Above: Inneffablespace points out the “Bolection” style molding; now we know a new word:

One detail that I think people should take note of is the overscaled Bolection-style molding that is used as an entire drawer face on the pink bathroom vanities , with a simpler Bolection for the drawers on the green bathroom vanity. That is really sumptuous detail.


hollywood-regencyWait. Are we in a Twilight Zone episode?

1970s palm springs houseAnd because it is Palm Springs, you just must have a gorgeous pool, right? I am IN LOVE.

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  1. Joe Felice says

    It reminds me of a French museum. Beautiful to look at, but not sure I could live in it. And “maximalst” isn’t sufficient a word to describe it! At least the owners were not afraid of color, which is a fear that afflicts many.

    As I understand it, there are a lot of mid-century beauties in Palm Springs. So there is actually a “Modernism Week?”

  2. Becky says

    Oh goody – it was built the year I was born, and my birthday is coming up! I’ll take it! 🙂 Seriously…those plaid fitted bedspreads…I DIE. All that bright kelly green is just positively delicious.

  3. Molly says

    Oh WOW! I can’t stop looking at this; I keep noticing more stuff! Did else anyone notice the pair of statues in mirrored alcoves on either side of door leading out to the patio? Dang, I wish there were MORE photos!

    I can’t help but wonder, what did these folks do when they were hungover or had a migraine? 🙂

  4. Ophelia Rose de Papillon says

    It’s absolutely beautiful. I love that nothing has been done in between to mix in other decades. It’s pure and simple late 60’s with the look of the 70’s coming in. Stunning!

  5. Rick G says

    If I were told to live here, I wouldn’t have to be asked twice !!! Fantastic & dramatic use of color almost everywhere …… the kitchen; I would have to blend in with the rest of the house & make it pop ….. ….. but besides that; it all works for me – love, Love LUV this house !!! 🙂

  6. Kari says

    Isn’t a bathroom with a tub considered a full bath? I saw 2 bathrooms with tubs & 1 with a shower. The listing says 1- full, 2- 3/4 bathrooms.

  7. Debbie B says

    Goodness is that kitchen underwhelming after the grandiosity of the rest of the home. I would still live there but the kitchen is missing a lot!

  8. K. says

    Guarantee you- the owners were/are Italian-American. That’s no insult – it’s an observation. Italians will know what I’m talkin’ about! 😉

  9. Karen says

    Sure is eye-popping! I like the wallpaper – pink with gold – in the pink section of the house. Totally agree about the kitchen. It doesn’t fit the rest of the house at all almost as if they ran out of money or ideas. I’ll take the huge windows and the pool.

  10. Kaye says

    This is NOT modernism!!! Modernism is Frank Lloyd Wright. This is Hollywood design. Take a look at the Carol Burnett Show or the Dean Martin Show of the same era or other variety shows to compare. It was over the top even at the time.

  11. says

    I haven’t read through all of the comments yet to see if anyone mentioned the fact that this style is in fact called “Hollywood Regency” Just do a Google search and be prepared to be blown away by the the over the top awesomeness of this Era.

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