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retro wedding

Photo by Ash Nayler.

There were so many fantastic finds, cool summer getaways and darn cute photos of readers — we love it when you get in the photos, too — in our recent end of summer uploader. Above: Readers Jennie and Aidan got married this summer in a retro-style wedding — love! Thanks so much for sharing everyone! Pam had me go through the 200+ photos to pick out some of my favorites, and here they are in no particular order. 

We were majorly impressed with Readers Jennie and Aidan. Not only did they have a retro-themed wedding this summer, but Aidan also appears to have some awesome welding skills:

retro plant standsAbove:

Found a set of 2 West German pots (Scheurich) at a rummage sale. The yellow pot in the front is one of them. Aidan made the plants stands, he has welding skills. —  Jennie & Aidan

retro shadowboxAbove: Reader Keisha found this fantastic shadowbox at an estate sale for the amazing low price of $2! Now that’s a good deal! P.S. We love your retro outfit, glasses and hairdo too!

retro hanging chairAbove: I’m totally in love with this colorful hanging chair submitted by a mystery reader. Is it macrame?

vintage sunglassesAbove: Here’s another great idea we’re stealing. This mystery reader says:

I’m the lady on the right. I took my grandmother’s old frames to my vision place and had sunglasses made. The man explained that people do this all the time. I can now remember her every time I put my sunglasses on!

vintage airline seatsAbove: How sophisticated is reader Geronimom in these vintage TWA First Class airline seats, now situated in her living room. She says:

We have quite enjoyed traveling around the world first class during our “staycation” this summer while sitting in the vintage TWA L-1011 first class seats hubby found to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary! As a former TWA flight attendent, he could not have given me a gift I’d love more! 😉 

retro garage doorAbove: We love the new paint job that midcenturythriftygal gave the original garage doors on her 1953 home.

vintage lampsAbove: We always love a good midcentury lamp, but reader Donna has taken her lamp love to the next level and named them! She writes:

On the left: My first and ugliest MCM lamp, my BIL named him Burford! On the right: Burford’s mate, Hortense!

retro camperAbove: Is there any better way to spend the summer than camping in a vintage trailer? And wow, this sure is a cute one! This mystery reader writes:

Camping in our vintage ’61 Aristocrat… lovin summer.

retro living roomAbove: This mystery reader has one hip living area complete with knotty pine, loads of vintage furniture, fabulous sputnik and bubble lighting, and a mega cool giant swordfish on the wall. We love it!

retro entry doorAbove: This mystery reader’s entry way is fantastic — starburst knobs, starburst doorbell, breeze blocks, cone light, flamingo doormat and those groovy front doors, freshly painted orange. Great job! Mystery reader writes: 

I found…. That I’m crazy, after spending weeks refinishing these doors…  And a few other thing too. 😉

tikiAbove: You know Pam and I love dressing up in our vintage tiki wear, as do many others like readers Josh and Lisa (Tikimama) posing by the new tiki unveiled outside the Caliente Tropics.

Mega thanks to everyone who participated in our uploader. It is all so fun, don’t you think?


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      • Allison says

        Third this; Motion is carried!

        While articles on amazing high-end MCM houses and cool time-capsules are fun to read, a feature on what our peers have wrought with imagination, perseverance and thrifting skillz are what REALLY capture my interest.

        We appreciate the peeks that other readers give us into their own particular mid century dreams, as in the uploader, and would be delighted with moar, pleez!

    • says

      Thank you Paul-CT! I would love to share more of my home 🙂 And thank you Kate for choosing my garage door to show. I always look forward the uploaders!

  1. Stacia says

    We used to have a set of airline chars from the 70s we got at a garage sale. They were from the front row so they had tray tables that unfolded across the seat from the armrest. They weren’t from first class like these and they were very narrow and about as uncomfortable for adults as you can imagine. However, when my kids were little they sat parked near the TV so they could eat snacks & watch movies.

    • Geronimom says

      These also have the tray tables in the armrests – if I remember correctly, most older f/c widebody seats did? Although I do actually recall some older narrow body planes having what we used to call “bayonet” tray tables which had prongs that were manually inserted into either side of the seat – poor passenger was basically trapped and at the complete mercy of the flight attendants once those torture devices were in place. And of course, it never failed that the moment they were in place, nature would inevitably pay an urgent visit upon said trapped passenger! 🤗

  2. midmichigan says

    It’s very fun to see other reader’s MCM treasures. I always love it when you have the uploader on. Great post on a TGIF!

  3. Markie says

    Thank you for honoring Tumbleweed, our ’61 Aristocrat. We love our adventures! We are currently restoring/ renovating a 1951 midcentury modest home and have a ’58 Shasta and ’66 Aloha waiting in the wings. We are inspired daily by the articles, stories, pictures and great information from this wonderful site and its contributors. Thank you again!

    – Markie and Rich

  4. Chris says

    Keisha! I want that shadowbox! I’m going to try to use my mind to teleport it into my living room, so if it disappears right before your eyes, it was me!!!!! LOL

    It’s gorgeous! And TWO DOLLARS?!?!?!?! Awesome find!

  5. says

    Agreed that shadowbox was a major score. No wonder that Keisha looks so pleased with herself. I would love one for my Tiki room.
    The prices for these mirrors on eBay are crazy lately. You give us hope.

  6. Maria says

    One thing I wish I’d included… well, four, really… are early 1950s cruise ship menus with Millard Sheets artwork on the covers. I went to a local storage locker sale and found four of these menus (along with several other very cool ’50s/’60s items); the images are during Sheets’ Hawaiian period. The menus had been printed for the long-defunct American President Lines, and of course have all sorts of foods (with “Demi Tasse being served in the Smoking Room”). The artwork lapses over from the front to 1/6th of the back, next to the fold… it’s just one of those neat little vintage details that people wouldn’t think to do these days!

  7. Joe Felice says

    I believe we called those hanging chairs “pod chairs.”

    I also think those mirrored shadow boxes were as popular as Turner flamingo mirrors. What about curved curio cabinets with glass doors? The glass was always broken, and the owners would “fix” them with Scotch tape! The same owners also seemed to always have doilies, and rill-up shades. (God, I hated those! Seemed like they, too, were always broken.)

  8. GlenEllyn says

    These are all so much fun to see. The entryway is to die for. Everything about it is just fabulous! I don’t recall ever seeing a shadow box like this one. I can’t wait to see it when it’s “done.”

    I love the garage door, too – such an easy way to add some charm and interest to something that is so often ignored. I’d like to do something like this, but first I have to figure out how to keep people from running into mine. It’s off the alley out back and I think drivers use my space to turn around, but they can’t seem to do it without hitting my door. Grrr.

  9. Karen says

    Keishe. I was stunned at your picure as you look like a replica of my Aunt Ann during that time period. Same glasses, same type dress and coloring. She wore short hair but your look is similar. Aunt Ann has been gone quite awhile so it was wonderful to see her “resurrected”. Many thanks

  10. Rick G says

    Congrats to those chosen for the 12 photos & many thanks to all who shared their kool pics – I for one cannot get enough of seeing this great stuff !!!

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