Drexel Declaration

Drexel Declaration was designed by Stewart MacDougall and Kipp Stewart.

I was recently so fortunate to connect with Stewart MacDougall — principal designer of this furniture line. I need to do a complete write up — and what a great story. Mr. MacDougall told me that Kipp Stewart was generally responsible for designing the upholstery. Stewart MacDougall’s interest lay in the design of the furniture. MacDougall put incredible thought and craftsmanship into designing this line of furniture, and it really hit the mark in terms of its consumer appeal. Watch for an update soon!

three-lemonskippHere is a short biography of Kipp Stewart (drats, link now gone). He is also a painter, and the Ventana Gallery in Big Sur, California (link also gone…) carries works like “Three Lemons” to the left. There also is a series of three, less expensive art prints available at various e-stores; find them easily via google. An article in the Sept. 200 issue of Interior Design said: “Inspired by furniture from early Greek to Art Nouveau, from 18th-century European to Art Deco, Stewart’s main aim is ‘to create forms that are not fashionable so much as timeless.'” My online research indicates that Stewart is still a very active designer today, working mostly on outdoor furniture for such companies as Summit Furniture.  Also see, for example, this outdoor bench from Smith & Hawken.  He is a founder of the Big Sur Land Trust, and with Jeff Norman, he is the author of Big Sur Observed.

He’s also an architect, here’s a house that he designed in 1984. Here’s another one, which was owned by Philip Johnson and David Whitney. Stewart also designed the Ventana Inn & Spa in Big Sur. His son Bradford Stewart is a renowned LA-area artist.

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  1. Andrea says

    I recently purchased five Drexel Declaration chairs and a round table on craigslist and am hoping to find another captain’s chair (or even just another side chair) to complete the set. Can anyone tell me how hard these are to find? I saw four side chairs (but no arm chair) on ebay for $400+… wondering if this is a good price. (My craigslist find was a steal, so I’m spoiled!) Thank you for any advice you might be able to offer.

  2. Ben says


    Congrats on your craigslist find! I’m not too sure what constitutes a good price for these chairs. I was fortunate to find two side chairs for only $16. I would suggest hitting the yard sales and thrift stores. Go to as many thrift stores as possible, several times a week. Ask the thrift stores what day of the week (and time) they bring “new” merchandise out onto the floor. I have found that a lot of antique dealers and re-sellers are like vultures at these thrift stores. They wait in droves while the merchandise is stocked on the shelves or floor. It makes it tough for collectors to get anything. Best of luck in your treasure hunts!

  3. annie says

    I just found a Drexel Declaration dining room table (drop leaf) 6 chairs (one is a captain) and a hutch. It is really too big for my space and I am looking to sell all or part of it. I love the china hutch. Any ideas?

  4. Susan Wiest says

    I just bought a Drexel Declaration round (almost round) table with 2 leaves. I would like to “clean it up” but can’t figure out the best cleaner. it looks like walnut with a shiny finish. Any suggestions?

  5. michael says

    Looking for a Drexel Declaration Bookcase # 881-435. Anyone know where I can buy one? Bill if you happen to visit here again…any chance you wanna part with yours?


  6. daniel says

    I inherited my grandparents Drexel Declaration bedroom set (Walnut with white ceramic pulls). I remember it from when I was a kid and still love the design of this timeless style. It is in great condition but is lacking the headboard. From time-to-time I have searched the internet for some images of the headboard but haven’t found anything. I have reasonable woodworking skills and would like to build a headboard to match the original. Does anyone have any info they could share? Color photos would be great.

  7. Roy Benstead says

    I recently acquired a Drexel Declaration Cabinet 881-558. Does anyone have any information about it?

  8. Marilyn says

    I have a Drexel Sun Coast dinette 6 chairs and table. Was this a Stewart design and if so what type of wood was used in manufacturing this set.

  9. says

    Wow! I just found a Drexel Declaration credenza that has fueled my obsession of credenzas for…wait for it…$20. It is in amazing condition. I am the luckiestguy in te world. Loooove this line of furniture. So clean and optimistic.

  10. says

    We recently purchased various items in a lot at an estate sale. One item is a coffee table. The only markings are on the bottom of the table and it says Sun Coast by Drexel 1/58. It is 46 inches in diameter and stands 16 inches. The top is a design of four equal shaped pie shaped quarters. Does anyone have any information about this table? We’re trying to decide if we should keep it or not (doesn’t fit great in our small living space) but don’t want to let it go if it is an amazing find!

  11. Julie says

    Does anyone know where I can find an extra extention leaf for my drexel Declaration dining table? Any ideas how much should it cost?

    Also, are all pieces of the Declaration collection made of walnut ; or some made of teak or even rosewood?

    Thank you for any input

  12. Marilyn Morse says

    I am selling my Drexel Declaration walnut credenza that I saw an identical one on this website which sold for $1200. I also have a bedside table..same year..1960..we bought these pieces directly from the factory. I also have a matching walnut framed mirror that goes with the credenza.
    I live in Eugene, Oregon. I could list this and sell it locally to a person who wouldnt appreciate the piece..or I could use a site like this..I need some advice..anybody???????

  13. doschi rosa says

    Can anybody tell me if these Drexel Declaration chairs are actually comfortable or do they just look nice , I would like to buy them online but have never sat in one or saw one in “real life” ,

    thanks , doschi

    • Antonio says

      If you are referring to the dining chairs I would like to inform you that, in my opinion, they are very comfortable. I am about 5’10” and I am more than comfortable in them.

      • says

        Thanks Antonio!
        This is very helpful and are you interested in selling the Dining Chairs for that’s what I am looking for. (and then you don’t have to worry about the cleaning anymore 😉

        • Antonio says

          I dont know how much they’re worth. I have seen a set of 8 listed for about $5,000 which would make my set about $3,000. But then again I dont know if that’s accurate. Unfortunately though I am in love with them and I’m not willing to part with them. Good luck on your search!

          • Doschi says

            OK thanks Antonio! Enjoy them, they ARE very unique and I can see how you don’t want to part with them. As to the price : I have seen them sold (online) for $5.- per chair to $350.- , but never as much as you mentioned. wow! I just last week bought one captains chair for $39.- ( and you were right, they are comfortable) But I need four to six more side chairs. Well – I will keep on searching – it’s fun!

  14. Antonio says

    I recently received, from my grandmother, a plethora of Declaration by Drexel pieces. I received six dining chairs, a dining table, a china hutch, two end tables, the original receipt, and catalog. I was wondering if anyone could appraise them and possibly give me information on cleaning them; because I am scared to death that I might damage the walnut. Thank you so much for your help!

    • pam kueber says

      Antonio, we don’t do appraisals here. I’m not an expert on cleaning but perhaps someone else has suggestions. If you really want to be sure, consult with a professional!

  15. Blythe Campbell says

    How can we find out who manufactured the knobs and pulls for Drexel’s Declaration and Profile lines of furniture? Very difficult to find original knobs and I’d like to contact the manufacturer to see if something very similar is still available. For example, the white porcelain pulls on the Declaration line are similar to an Amerock pull – but the Amerock is 1/4 inch larger in diameter and that throws off the scale. Was there one decorative hardware manufacturer they used, or multiple suppliers?

  16. lenoir menzes says

    I have a coffee table that resembles a surf board. On the bottom is 881-214-3 1964 declaration by drexel. I have surfed the web to no avail. Wondering what kind of wood this is made of and also the value?

  17. Eileen says

    I have a Drexel end table and has a lower shelf that has a drawer. It has the inspection sticker in from the Drexel Furniture company in Maryland…looks like maybe from the 1960’s. Where can I find pictures and info

  18. Sandy Eickhoff says

    I have a Declaration by Drexel end table with #’s 01-617-2 stamped on back with 8/64 (August 1964?) I’ve scanned multiple sites but can’t find pic of the one I have and am wondering about value as I was getting ready to paint it. Top has some water damage but otherwide in good shape Has a drawer on bottom with large open shelf above and some “unusual” legs that run the heigth of the table. Any help will be appreciated.

  19. Sandra says

    Hi! I just purchased a 2000/2 “The Kent Group” by Drexel side table/nightstand. I believe it is Mohogony. Any information. You can give me would be lovely!

    Thank You!
    S. L. Bradford

  20. says

    Hi! Just wondering if you ever got around to that follow-up post about Stewart MacDougall? You alluded to a “great story” after speaking with him… Did I miss it??

  21. Bonnie says

    I have a ? I recently bought an adorable coffee/side table and there was a tag saying that the seller tho’t it might have been designed by Kipp Stewart. It’s a small square/round with the most wonderful set of legs, a shelf, and I’m thinking it’s walnut. The only mark I can find looks like a small red stamp, but I cannot make it out. Does anyone know anything at all about any markings on Kipp’s designs or whoever mfg’d it? Any ideas would be appreciated.

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Bonnie, hard to say. Be sure to type drexel declaration into our Search box and get to all the stories we’ve written

  22. Melissa Gheith says

    Any information provided will be greatly appreciated. I recently purchased a pair of nightstands that have Drexel stamped inside the drawers. On the back of the nightstands it says 801-612-2 Declaration by Drexel. I have found very limited information on these nightstands. Possibly, they are Kipp Stewart? Thanks in advance.

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