“The Bible” of 50s style and all things retro

1950s interior designMy  husband and I have found this book to be incomparable, in terms of generating ideas for every aspect of decorating our 1951 ranch. The interiors were all created by interior designers charged with selling Armstrong flooring. As such, they’re “over decorated” — but that’s part of what makes this book so AWESOME. I’ve paged through it at least 1000 times, so far! It is well worth the cost.

1960s interior deisgnAnd howdy hudee: There’s a 1960s version, too — Interior Solutions from Armstrong — The 1960s, via Amazon (affiliate link).
(affiliate link)

Final note: You can see, I am not a midcentury modern snob. Sure, I like the expensive, renowned designer pieces. But only the rich lived like that. I love the eclectic mix — the fact that ambitious women were turning their creativity toward their home — and of course, the exuberance — of the period.