Lands End towels and rugs – in 25 colors and complete sets — great for your retro 50s or 60s bathroom

When we retro-renovated our three 50s bathrooms a couple of years ago, I searched high and low – obsessed! — for towels and matching rugs in the perfect accent colors. The only company that I could find that had complete matching sets at a decent price, was Land’s End. They have giant, large, medium and small towels, washcloths, big rugs, small rugs, contour rugs (the kind that fit around the toilet. Hey, you have to have one of these!)… the whole kit and caboodle.

Even if you decide to go with a “toned down” retro look, vamp it up with the towels. The risk is quite modest – and the payoff immense! For example, in my husband’s bathroom we have a set of burnt orange towels and rugs to match one of the minor accent colors in the flamingo-and-Florida themed wallpaper. In my light brown-white-aquamint bathroom, I have dark brown towels. Our third light blue-and-white bathroom has bright red towels – to pick up on the faded geraniums in the wallpaper. In all three cases, the towels and rugs made a huge difference, they were a big add.

Thanks to Julie Roberts of Land’s End for sending images – great service – just like I’ve always had from the company!