Dishmaster M76

Can you believe – they still make the Dishmaster! It’s available from the manufacturer — at — and also at other retailers.

I love this product and its authentic retro style.

Dishmaster M76

Make a happy mess in your kitchen – then have some more fun cleaning up. Yes – this faucet makes washing the dishes fun via the “Push Button Dishwashing” action of the special aerator brush wand – which dispenses soapy sudsy water and rinses clean, too. And, it’s Made in America, by a small company right in Indiana that literally came to the rescue to save the brand! Thank you, Silver Stream LLC!

Dishmaster M2000 "Mod Squad"

There is a third, more mod looking style, above.

  1. Pam Givens says:

    We recently got a Dishmaster and my husband installed it that day. He said that it just didn’t look right. Calling the company again he found out that the front plates from yesteryear are available… They are really expensive because there just aren’t any more.
    Could you folks get the Dishmaster people to show off the previous front plates and when they were issued? like the older license plates?
    Pam Givens

  2. Noah T.W. Givens says:

    Dishmaster Story

    Well, folks, At long last we have a Dishmaster.

    Bought a Dishmaster via Amazon-Spout literally fell off;Bought a 2nd via Ebay-It Leaked everywhere including at the spout/pivot junction; Finally bought one from Roger @ your 1-800 #; It works! Finally. You want pichurs? email to pgivens1@mindspring,com OR

    That is the story in a nutshell. However, the nut wants to expand the story a little – an’ maybee a lot – – –

    When I first went to school I was a ward of the state and got adopted around Thanksgiving time of 1st grade of 1954. These new parents were older than most. ‘Smatter of fact they were about the age of most of my classmates’ grandparents. They were very practical people. There, at the kitchen sink, was a Dishmaster… All silver and ‘streamlined’. (As soon as the newer model arrived in 1959 the streamlined model was replaced.

    Among my household chores was the occasional turn at washing the dishes, standing upon a stool, and wanding away. The haus had only a single sink rather than the more ‘modern’ dual sink models. BUT with the Dishmaster, there was no difference in the ritual.

    Now, at the time we lived in North Atlanta. When at Christmastime, we visited my cousins in Royal Oak, Michigan…. They too had a Dishmaster. Later Visiting my Grandma and my Uncle Ernest, BOTH of them had Dishmasters.

    I thot that jus’ ‘bout everybuddy had one. Seems that My folks had liked theirs so much that they had made presents of Dishmasters to the relatives but I didn’t know that.. I was so young.

    I became the “Home & Family; Vest & Garden, Pipe & Fireside” type… even more so after a tour in Viet Nam as a Marine… even if I was an avionics tech. I progressed technically – avionics – fiber optics – electronics – the sciences. My first avionics school was in 1968…. Now I am an experimental flight-line avionics technician.

    Eventually I had my own home – stateside – after tasking in Europe, New England, jus’ ‘bout all over. At work I deal constantly with what might be considered ‘state-of-the-art’ But at home – – – – we do not consider slaughter as entertainment. Old Tyme radio programme audios are re-broadcast throughout the haus via the ‘Whole House Ipod FM Transmitter’.

    The living room phone is a Bell 202 (the candelabra phone) while in the Drawing room in the back of the haus is a Bell 302 rotary phone (the I_Love_Lucy phone) from 1939.

    Our home might be considered an exercise in ‘Creative Anachronism’.
    > My glasses have round lenses and the wristwatch is daily-wound. I’m even a Public Notary.
    > The desk is a drop-leaf break-front with authentic working Esterbrook desk fountain pens in the black hemisphere holders.
    > The living room 3-way pull-chain reading lamp has a paper shade. The davenport is flanked by freestanding ashtrays are from 1943 & step tables illuminated by swing arm 3-way chain pull lamps.
    > And the kitchen – The toaster is from 1934 – the waffle iron is from 1939 – the Fry-Rite fry-baby is from about 1954. For the rest of the kitchen jewels see the enclosed pictures.

    And now there is a Dishmaster on the sink.

    – Old Fashioned Quality in the Space Age –

  3. Patch says:

    I found a Dishmaster at a local yard sale!!! I paid $5.00 and it works great!! It’s a vintage beauty! We love it, it looks great in our 1950’s kitchen! 🙂

  4. Daniel Weber Parshall says:

    My uncle, Bob Weber, as the inventor of the Dishmaster. He along with Mr. Manville (Dishmaster was originally called “The Manville Dishmaster”), and my grandfather, Albert Weber, formed the company in Pontiac, Michigan not long after Uncle bob return from WWII. I have a cartoon drawn by VIP featuring my uncle answering the dishmaster rather than the phone with his sec. saying “No! the phone, Mr. Weber. The phone.” Bought my Dishmaster in 1999 (still working just fine without any repairs or new parts). Just have to backflush it once in awhile. (Family members used to get Dishmasters free -hint – hint). am so pleased to know it is still being made and that people still love them. Dan Parshall

    1. Wendy Jeltema says:

      I grew up 2 houses away from the Webers. I was friends with Gretchen and was a bridesmaid in Carol’s wedding to Denny in the 70’s. I knew your uncles Bob and Chris and your grandmother Helen. In fact our family bought the house in 1968 from Mr Manville, who invented the dishmaster along with your grandfather. The blue prints for the dishmaster were in our attic.

      Tell Gretchen I said “Hi”.

  5. John Ott says:

    I just bought a house in Lakewood, CA that was built in 1951. It has a vintage dishmaster like the one in the second picture on this page. I am remodeling my kitchen and will not be using the Dishmaster. Is it worth anything? Is there a market for used vintage Dishmasters? Thanks.

  6. Patrick says:

    I saw one of these at a store when I lived in Redlands, CA. I remembered that my aunt and uncle had one at their home in White Deer, TX when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I bought it and installed it. I loved it. Now that I’m back in TX, I’m going to buy another one in my current house. They are so cool!

  7. CrestwoodsSpringfield1952 says:

    Hey Pam!

    Congrats on bringing this terrific product back to the world of retro! I bought a used Dishmaster back about 2 years ago, and installed it in my travel trailer. I originally got it to install in my 1956 Pacemaker 36′ trailer, but since the restoration of that is going to be some years away, I decided to treat myself to “Dishmaster Living” in my newer trailer for the time being. I LOVE IT!!! I had been looking to see if anyone had parts for mine because it needs a new sprayer head where the brushes attach and was afraid I would be lost on that score when I wasn’t finding any dealers/distributors. The first one I saw was in a neighbor’s early 50’s steel kitchen, attached to her wall. The house was built in the 30’s but someone in the early 50’s did a total kitchen remodel with Geneva kitchen cabinets, and that cool Dishmaster.
    Unfortunately the entire house was torn down by the county in 1983, and at a time when I was young and stupid enough to not realize what I could have salvaged. AAAAAHHHHHH!!! Thanks again for helping to give others a chance to own a Dishmaster.

  8. anita says:

    I just left a comment in the wrong place so here it is again….
    We had a Dishmaster in our 1950 South San Francisco house when I was growing up. I don’t think I ever knew anyone else who had one. When friends would come over they would ask what it was. My brother recently insalled one in his house in Hayward.

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