Interest is re-igniting in restoring 40s 50s and 60s homes – be on the leading edge!

nov-11-oak-park.jpgThat’s my husband David, his sister Amy (center), and her best friend Tracy Ackerman sitting on the stoop of their Oak Park, Mich., garden apartment in June 1961. I adore this photo, and keep it in a little vintage frame on a shelf in our foyer, where it welcomes guests. We try not to take ourselves too seriously.

I am taking this blog very seriously, though — and this week we put out a news release to help get the word out. Check it out here on PRWeb.

Did you know that between 1945-1960, some 20 million homes were built in America? Not just high falutin’ designer ones…but mainstream, affordable homes for the booming middle class. Stephen Bauer, artistic director of Bradbury & Bradbury, agrees with me that the time is now for homeowners to snap up these treasures, which have been largely ignored. I hope you’re one of the many inventive and industrious people leading this trend!

As Steve — who along with his wife owns and is renovating a 1961 ‘storybook ranch’ himself, put it, “There is this huge inventory of post-WWII homes that still seem relatively ‘undiscovered’ and full of charm and architectural features unique to those particular decades.”

Yes, a new generation of homebuyers is rediscovering the charms of modest postwar ranches, colonials, Capes, split levels and yes, moderns. There was a wonderful spirit of adventure, style and love of life in these homes that, 50 years later, is much easier to see and want to celebrate. Hmmm, 46 years later… David, Amy & Tracy Ackerman wouldn’t stick their tongues out at that!

  1. 50sPam says:

    Hi Nightingale Jen. I couldn’t agree more. My house was built in 1951, too. I think there was such incredible love put into it and to houses of this era, people were so happy to have the wherewithall to invest their homes. It shows in so many little ways and makes it such a pleasure to renovate. I’m about to post today – I have a couple of posts ready to go – but your comment inspires me to use the one on exterior lighting – very appropriate for Capes!

  2. We just purchased a 1951 Cape Cod bungalow over the summer and love it. It was our intent to purchase a home built from the 30s to no later than the mid-50s. They’ve such wonderful personality *and* quality.

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