50th anniversary of the Eero Saarinen Tulip Chair by Knoll – iconic 50s 60s mid century style

tulip-chairs.jpgI have really come to appreciate Eero Saarinen tulip chairs since incorporating them into my kitchen. I recently learned that this year marks the tulip chair’s 50th anniversary.

Their manufacturer Knoll issued a news release, and what they had to say about the chairs in many way characterizes the incredible spirit of invention that permeated our culture following the war.

“The revolutionary series of single pedestal chairs and tables designed by Saarinen and launched in 1957 by Knoll have come to represent the exuberance, finesse and high imagination of American mid-century furniture. The Tulip Collection, constructed of fiberglass and cast aluminum, demonstrates Saarinen’s distinct ability to balance art and technology and was his solution to the ‘slum of legs’ that he perceived as making for ‘an ugly and unrestful world.'”

Aren’t these just beautiful? And, not having to mess around with 16 chair-legs in my smallish kitchen space really is nice! It’s amazing how these chairs still feel so fresh today. My teenage daughter and her friends – who know and care nothing about modern design – adore the chairs. They sit and twirl and caffeine-clatch on them just like people have been doing, well….for 50 years!

  1. KPark says:

    Hi – I’ve just inherited my parent’s Saarinen table and tulip chairs from the 60’s. The top needs refinishing and does anyone know where I can get new seat cushions?

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