A Useless but Wonderful contest entry – from Ursula


ursula2.jpgUrsula of Shop Ursula has entered our 1st annual contest. Here’s what she has to say about these lovely items:

While these might be useful to some people, I have yet to find a purpose for them in my life… but I had to have them! The bar guide is fun to look at, but we don’t make fancy drinks at home, so there it sits. As far for the matchbooks, I keep them around because I just may need them someday. You never know what project might come up…

Nice, Ursula, and thank you. I love your blog, I keep up with all your posts!

I have to say that I, too, am a sucker for bar things like your bar guide even though I go right to sleep after one drink.

Any more useless but wonderful stuff out there? Enter today.

  1. Heather says:

    I have one of these! I adore it. It lives in my vintage bar cabinet, handed down from my Grandmother. I’ll try to get you some pictures.

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