Final entry in our first annual Useless but Wonderful Contest


Femme 1 got her entry into the Useless but Wonderful Contest in before the year-end deadline, but I just picked it up now that I am at home. I will organize all the entries and see if I can make a poll so everyone can vote; stay tuned. Meanwhile, from Femme 1, these vital female personal hygiene accessories:

straps.jpgThe brow stencil I found in a thrift shop, and for 25 cents, I couldn’t resist. I love the two little safety pins included to pin the stencils on the pink ribbon, and the name of the company–BandWagon, Inc.

I think the bra straps are my favorite. You might not be able to see the type on the photo, but under the brand name “De Luxe” is “FOR POISE” in tiny print under the running woman graphic.

Thanks, Femme 1!

  1. 50sPam says:

    Oh you caught me. My web guru found the software for me to use. I just need to do it. I promise: Soon!

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