Paint your garage door, 50s retro renovation style

crawford garage doors

The winter is starting to feel like it will never end, here in western Massachusetts. I am not complaining – it’s very pretty, and the rush of spring is like no other. Even so, it feels like time for a BLAST OF COLOR from the 50s. How exuberant are these 1955 Crawford garage doors? To be sure, by ’55 a family’s car was nearly as important as their house, it seems. So following that logic, why wouldn’t their garage door deserve the royal treatment, too?



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  1. Joe Felice says:

    Is that T-Bird hot or what? The house is a little bland for the ’50s. Wrought-iron was a big accent feature.

  2. Jason says:

    I think that the woman in the red dress is hot, Hot, HOt, HOT!! I just love how sexy a well dressed woman looks. It seems that woman’s clothes desingers of the time accentuated the bustline…and the gloves are great.

  3. JonathanJones says:

    We recently purchased a ranch built in 1950. Updates have not been done to period, including a generic vinyl garage door with that all-to-generic “sun ray in clear window” pattern along the top panels.

    Would love to do something like this. Can anyone tell me how we would go about painting vinyl? Any special type of paint or pre-treatment required?


  4. Jeff Alterman says:

    The 1950’s paint jobs on the garage doors are often quite tasteful. Too bad many of those garage doors have disappeared. However, if one has such a garage, one can perk it up with a colorful paint job.

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