retro 50s door sets

Sorry that my posting has been erratic this week. I’m in Holland, on my “real job” and it’s been a crazy week. This is a post that I’ve wanted to do for a while – spotlighting the awesome “door jewelry” often seen in postwar homes. And the regular jewelry, too!
50s 60s doorsets

I’ve been at a number of estate sales where the door handles were really special – kind of streamlined but modern too. In my own home, I have plainer handles, but they quite suit the place. I even prefer the tarnished worn handles to the bright shiny

new ones in a few places. The patina makes them even more special.
50s 60s doorsets

50s 60s doorsets

The authentic vintage door sets at LAHardware cost $110 the last time I checked. If you keep an eagle eye at the ReStore and ebay you can get them for less.

50s 60s doorsets

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  1. Kathleen Constable says:

    Looking for interior doorknobs for my 1956 rancher. Not the fancy starburst type, just plain old hollow brass knobs with the thumb-turn locks. A previous owner replaced half of them with horrible bright new knobs, and they’re absolutely atrocious!

  2. Ronn Ives/FUTURES Antiques says:


    A source of vintage doors/hardware is in homes that are being torn down. I salvaged a massive set of doors and knobs from a high style home – and they will eventualy be installed into my home. Why let them be destroyed?

    Watch your neighborhoods!


  3. Christiane says:

    In our experience, LA Hardware is the best resource for this type of hardware. That said, their supply comes and goes and is difficult for any other than a local customer to try to navigate. We have sent many of our customers there hoping for the best!

    Keep us all posted if anyone else starts to reproduce this hardware. We’ve been trying to secure a supplier for almost a year. Unfortunately, we’ve come up short!

  4. maddy123 says:

    Love that starburst pattern.

    A trip to Holland? Much better location that most business trips I have taken.

    Growing up, we had those old-fashioned glass doorknobs. in our Cape Cod..1940-ish, I guess. I feel very nostalgic when I see old knobs like that.

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