61 Mamie Pink Kitchens: It’s day two immersed in this classic 50s color

Its pink kitchens #11-20 today, as we continue to look at how the iconic color of the 50’s — “Mamie Pink” — was translated into everyday, middle-class, mid-century homes.

11. This 1959 GE pink+white+copper/brown kitchen is really quite snazzy, I like it a lot!:


12. This one is another take on the ’49 American-Standard kitchen we saw yesterday, but ready for Thanksgiving. Sweet:


13. A classic St. Charles kitchen with some terrific design elements — another one of my all-time favorites. I used this photo for a “Flashback Design” feature last year, oops, I can’t find the un-numbered image:


14. Republic Kitchens marketed their “Prelude Pink” pretty heavily, circa 1956. A gray palette certainly gives pink a dash of elegance, don’t you think?:


15. A 1957 GE pink kitchen. Awesome refrigerator, and note the wallpapered backsplash. If you’re going to have a pink kitchen, people, you might as well go for it the gusto!:


16. A 1957 ad for a Tappan stove is set with pink Republic steel cabinets. Great looking backsplash here, too:


17. Another 1959 GE pink kitchen — in fact, I just noticed that this is another angle on kitchen #11, although these images were in separate places.  Great fridge+fridge combo. Note how nice this soft pink looks with the orange and yellow curtains. And see the wood-grained countertops. My goodness, pink is SO versatile!


18. A teensy illustration from Curtis Kitchens. A wood cabinet company. Painted pink was de rigeur, too:


19. Not sure who made these. Pink with erin green….Hmmmm, this I’m not liking so much, and you know I rarely say that…:


20. I believe that this is 1957, not sure of the maker. They certainly went for pink on pink on pink — Mamie would have approved. The wallpapered ceiling is growing on me — it certainly makes a big statement. And why the heck not!:


  1. Pinky says:

    I love your pink Mamie series. I bought a set of pink Montgomery ward kitchen cabinets and sink with base. I’ll have to clean off some rust and do a bit of painting (some of the cabinets have faded from too much sunlight I think). The base cabinets have some sort of linoleum material that curves up to the backsplash, I hope I can find something that will work, I’m thinking a boomerang laminate might work if I score the back to accommodate the curve. The tops are trimmed in chrome edging. The sink is a 54″ double drainboard enamel. I hope to be able to renovate my kitchen next year.

  2. nancy c. says:

    I have the #11 cabinets and color combination — pink and brown. It is so much fun to see them in an original ad, thanks for putting this out there! I have lived here for almost 10 years and have tried hard to embrace the pink and brown combo. I am even a baskin-robbins lover. However, it just doesn’t make me happy so as I begin plans to renovate the kitchen I think I am going with pink, black and white. The grey is intriguing though….I will need to give that a little thought.

  3. Propagatrix says:

    Lovely pictures! However, I notice that none of the people shown holding hot food are wearing potholders. Perhaps pink has magical anti-burn properties?

  4. Sumac Sue says:


    I like pictures #4 and #7, where the women are wearing pink dresses in the pink kitchens, surrounded by lots of other pink details. That’s A LOT of pink. But, then, I guess it’s really not that much different from the harvest gold and avocado green kitchens of the late 60s, when everyone wore those same colors.

    My favorite kitchen so far is #13, because it has an elegant, airy look. I can’t wait to see the rest of them! This is a great feature; thanks, Pam!

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