61 Mamie Pink Kitchens: Day 3 with these midcentury marvels


Back to our 61 pink kitchens, #21-30 today:

21. Love this pink kitchen designed for a 1957 Modernfold door ad!:


22. Is that plastic fruit to the left of this photo, of a quite ‘real’ 50s pink and birch kitchen, from Kitchen Business, 1956?:


23. This comes for 1944, and the reddish hues of the drawing hint at all the pink to come. Be sure to enlarge and read the text. With the end of WWII, renovation of the kitchen was #1 on everyone’s list!:


24. This 1957 is a real classic. I love the pink combo with soft green, and I think that I got the idea for the soffit wallpaper treatment in my kitchen from this image. Notice also, the wall cabinet refrigerator to the right:


25. A second shot of the spacious kitchen above — great retractable light, and another (!) refrigerator unit on that side:


26. A 1958 ad for a washer and dryer – aren’t they great? Marketers and designers really tried to get women to accept the w/d into the kitchen. Clearly, it didn’t catch on– we needed our laundry rooms:


27. A 1964 illustration from a Sears Harmony House collection. Move over, Mamie, the 60s have arrived!


8. Another ’64 image from Sears Harmony House. I adore this kitchen with its painted pink wood cabinets, ‘spotlight’ cabinet pulls, and orange floors and orange plaid wallpaper. And look – Corning Ware!:


29. A 1957 “Rose Red” steel kitchen, great grey countertops:


30. And we conclude today’s pink fest with these pink steel cabinets available for sale today, from John Lewis of Hungerford, in England.


  1. Amy says:

    That’s a hat? oops I thought it was a pretty plant! I’ve also seen many glass top cupboards in renovation programs on tv – I wonder why they take them out? I think they’re funky!

  2. leslie says:

    Howdy Maggie,

    I don’t know if you are shopping for a fridge at all or where in the country you live. However just in case you are and may not have seen the post, there is a cabinet fridge similar to the one in Pam’s display advertised for sale in the steel forum section under the kitchen rubric. I would imagine of all appliances to paint a fridge would be the easiest since it doesn’t ever require heat. Anyway…..just fyi, in case you want to see one still happily hanging in someone’s kitchen and you are right, they make perfect sense!

  3. maggie says:

    I simply adore you for doing this, Pam. I know this blog must eat up huge chunks of your life, and believe me, it’s appreciated.

    Love LOVE those wall cabinet fridges. With all the aging BabyBoom bad backs, you’d think Viking or somebody would revive those!

    One offtopic question: your large pic files of your scans are really good quality. As I’m shopping for a scanner, can you tell me what kind you use?

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