Mississauga Julia’s 1956 pink, black – and chartreuse? – bathroom

Julia\'s pink bathroom

Crosley cabinet Dana\'s pink bathroomchloe tile by american olean

Mississauga Julia

I just bought a 1956 house. I am not sure I can live with the original pink and yellow bathroom. Actually I don’t mind the pink but not the yellow with it. Any suggestions? Everything is in very good condition.

Thanks, Julia. Did you know, that I use to live in nearby Oakville, Ontario? Another of my many hometowns. Hmmm. I don’t actually think that your yellow-gold sink, toilet and tub are original. Even if they are, even very-tolerant me is having a rough time with this color combo. I like the pink, though. The tiles look like they are nice quality, well set. I would rip out the sink, toilet and tub (very carefully) and go with — white, probably. (The thumbnail above is Crosley cabinet Dana’s pink bathroom with white fixtures, for a comparison). Maybe with nice black-dot Chloe tile on the floor? And you know I’ll say this: A nice patterned wallpaper.

Malingering on….you could, alternatively, live with this for a while. Hey, is that Chartreuse, not ‘yellow’? Maybe with the right accessories…like this flamingo wallpaper from Hannah’s Treasures, below, it would grow on you? Renovation is expensive – and hard on the marriage if that’s an issue!

Update: I added puddletown‘s barkcloth recommendation – nice!

Readers – what do you think?Julia\'s pink bathroompuddletown\'s barkcloth recommendation

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  1. Carol says:

    I would put in the chloe black and white tile and the flamingo wallpaper. The white in the floor and wallpaper will brighten the room and leave the pink chartreuse and black to stand alone. The wallpaper is perfect!!!! It will look like a designer bathroom that was meant to have chartreuse fixtures.

  2. Peggy Miniard says:

    Maybe you could have the tub reglazed in white (since its the hardest and most costly to replace) and then just replace the sink and toilet? Its a thought. I like the pink, and I like the green…but the combo is a little tough…

    1. pam kueber says:

      Peggy, we have not heard of anyone with good experience re-glazing surfaces that come in contact with water….but do your own research to make your own decision.

  3. mimi says:

    I don’t know why but the more I see the bath, the more the color combo grows on me. I think I even like it. A lot! Maybe you could live with it for a while, and add that wall paper that was suggested, or play the black a bit more.

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