50s kitchen cabinet hardware — Elizabeth finds chrome pulls, great value

St. Louis Elizabeth writes:

Dear Pam:

I wanted to alert you and forum readers to a recent find.

After the Palm Beach restorer’s comments on rechroming hardware, I decided to seek a modern, replacement pull with the right retro feel for my slab-front cabinet doors. (I’ll need ~36 and couldn’t afford vintage items at $8-12 each.)

It took a lot of searching. But I finally came up with something in the original 3″ span between holes (4″ overall), with what seems like the right feel:

Hickory Hardware #P115-26

And it was at the unbeatable sale price of $1.93 ea.

Things arrived yesterday, approximately a week after my order, well packed and promptly delivered within the promised 7-14 days. – Elizabeth

Many thanks, Elizabeth! These look very sleek indeed, and at a great price.

  1. Janet Senatore says:

    I am looking for for some copper cabinet pulls. I only need 3! They are an elongated four end star.

  2. Lisa AF says:


    I found the chrome type pulls that your other readers suggested with the arch. I really liked the various brands suggested. However, I also have some big pantry doors and a few larger drawers and the 3-inch pulls were just too small. I looked and looked for something that would work on all the previous websites mentioned, and a few hardware stores. Eventually, I found what I needed at IKEA. The come in 15″ and 8″, and work perfectly for the look I was trying to achieve. I realize perhaps everyone who is trying to do an actual time capsule house might not agree with the bigger cabinets, but for those of us who like a retro feel, but with certain contemporary amenities like pantry cabinets, these work perfectly. I hope you’ll share with your other readers.

    thanks, Lisa

    1. pam kueber says:

      Thanks — I really like the look of these! Yes, larger than typical vintage, but I *think* there is some precedent for larger pulls like this – although they were not common. My brain is telling me that back in the day the “Washington” brand may have had wider pulls of this ilk. I’d love to see your kitchen some time!

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