50s dining room – decorating gone haywire

Mary-Frances has respectfully requested some 50s rooms that I ‘hate.’ While I will stop short of expressing this intense of an emotion, I have to admit, I’m pretty close on this one. Here are some things to like:

  1. Black-painted furniture is great, and I like how the color modernizes the lines of the Federal-style furniture
  2. Floor is wonderful.
  3. I like how the ceiling is painted to contrast the walls.

On the other hand, the negatives drown out the positives:

  1. This curtain look is just not my favorite, except for maybe in a girl’s bedroom.
  2. Wallpaper – scale too big and the colors too stark.
  3. Red satin on the chairs – bordello. Black/pink/red color combo – same.
  4. Eagle – holey moley.

Overall, I find the room ‘screeches’, rather than ‘sings.’