50s meets the Gilded Age — not my favorite look

In her comment about the 500th post, Mary-Frances asks:

…Here’s something I want to see…things Pam hates! Give me your idea of what NOT to do in a 50’s house!

So… I saved this 1952 photo because I thought it was kind of… well, not so great. If you read the fine print, the ad is for the carpet….but what about the rest? In some ways, a very typical “Florida,” or three-season room. Metal furniture, tropical upholstery, brick floor (awesome!) – and look outside the window, that’s a 50s awning – cool! But, those old Europe sconces and credenza – this is a 50s meets the Gilded Age look that’s not doin’ it for me.

Tomorrow: A second, not-so-favorite look. (Notice how I stop short of ‘hates’… hey, it’s only decorating!)

And thanks, Mary-Frances, for the inspiration!