Saturday: Sunshine, estate sales and 50s neighborhoods

Yesterday was a simply perfect day. Warm and sunny and as soon as I got up I had two estate sales to hit. Pretty much the first ones of the season – it’s been a late start. I drank 2 cups of coffee, checked the blog, then dashed out of the house. There is nothing like a caffeine rush to fuel the hunt through musty basements, bedrooms and backyards.

I made some great purchases. And in the afternoon, I took my new camera, a Nikon that my husband bought me for mother’s day, out for a walk through some 50s Pittsfield neighborhoods. I had a fabulous time – got lots of great shots of details and gardens and paint colors and design ideas that I will showcase in the next week. I show just a sneak peak at the end of this post. But meanwhile: The finds!:

Modern Cinderalla slippers – these are size 4 AA. I am going to sell them on ebay – I have bunch more, same size, but not as nice as these

My favorite purchase – 5 vintage hangers. They are so sparkly, I love to buy things that I can really use…touch every day.

Some more Blue Heaven dinnerware to fill my chippy pieces. And Robert, selling his mother’s items, convinced me that these pressed glass goblets were worth something. They are very heavy, and each a different color. Does anyone know about these?

A can-uplight. $1.

I grabbed this right out of the bushes!

While Robert said this was a “real” watercolor, I think that it is manufactured. But it is very nicely done, the frame is great, and it’s a nice size. Very decorative.

These are my other garden pieces. A wooden wagon, two bird feeders, and a — house jack that is gawdawful heavy. I was thinking I’d make it into a candle holder.

Now… a sneak peak from my neighborhood walking tour. I stopped at a tag sale and saw this great Kelvinator metal kitchen back in the garage. The owner said her dad used to sell them…then, he switched to GE appliances. I love the ribbed glass sliders on the wall cabinets.

I told the family about my interest in the 50s, and they took me inside the house where I admired the retractable kitchen light they had in the knotty pine sunporch.

And the piece de resistance: This harvest gold cone fireplace – with coat of arms from the factory – and sitting on bed of marble rocks – in the downstairs rumpus room complete with multicolored shag carpet. To top it off: Check out the panels covering the fluorescent lights in the drop ceiling:


It was a good day.

  1. meg hayden says:

    What is the brand of that fireplace? I bought the same one in green off of craigslist, but cant figure out who made it. Thanks!

  2. bombshell says:

    What a great Rumpus room!! I just purchased a white metal portable fireplace and this picture is very great inspiration on how to place it!

  3. Sumac Sue says:

    That rumpus room is amazing. Sounds like you had a great day. I went to a yard sale and found a 1969 edition of “1001 Decorating Ideas – Homemaker’s Handbook.” The main reason I got it is because it has a section called “Be a Wallpaper Wizard.”

  4. maddy123 says:

    Pam, that gold cone fireplace is awesome! It looks like you took it from one of your vintage brochures, except the photo quality is better! That is wild. Talk about blast from the past.

    Glad you got some great finds!

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