Split-leaf Philodendron
A must-have.

  1. Travis Matthews says:

    I agree. They are varied in form, and often misidentified, though. One variety is truly a sculptural mid century icon, and the rest seem pedestrian by comparison. I loved the “split leaf” depicted on vintage textiles, and showcased in case study homes, and when I rushed out to find one. I was disappointed when I ended up nursing a gigantic “Monstera deliciosa”; they’re huge. That’s NOT the same plant I was after. I then found something closer- the generic “Mini Monstera”, as the name would suggest, a miniature version on the previous plant. In fact, it’s a completely different species. The true botanical name often associated with this tag is “Rhaphidophora tetrasperma”. Now we’re cooking! Still, sometimes you’ll get all sorts of variations under this name. Further examination of the leaf structure can be quite different among plants labeled as “mini monstera”. I liked the ones with fewer lobes, and large wide curved notches. The growing habits are varied, too. I like the ones that grow more or less vertically, along a central stalk, and often need staking. The specific name for this plant is a “Philodendron ‘Ginny'”. Google it, and you’ll see it is the most iconic plant of the period, and worth seeking out. They’re very easy to care for. Mine sit in a north facing window here in Maryland. They receive ambient light only. Their growth rate is moderate, and need regular watering, but do not like to be soggy. Use a well draining “fluffy soil with lots of peat and vermiculite. I fertilize mine once a month in summer, and wipe dust off the leaves every two weeks or so with a damp paper towel- NEVER polish the leaves with oils. They are plenty glossy on their own. Starts are easy to take after you see air roots form. Snip off a section and put it in damp soil- give it to your coolest friends and family members!

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