Vornada fans – look good while you stay cool

“That’s cool!” my husband said when he saw me pull this photo of a Vornado fan. It is a reproduction of the original, and it’s even in the original 50s “Vornado Green.”

There’s also a “Silver Swan,” a reproduction of a 30s deco design.

Cool indeed.



  1. RockinRuby says:

    I have an original Vornado fan that is identical (in design) to the one in your photo. It’s two tone grey and currently being rewired by my pops. That is one HEAVY fan..I love it!

  2. Kayleen says:

    I have two of those room circulating fans, they are AMAZING. People always think they are just another fan until you turn them on. They move air like nothing else. Love those fans.

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