Above: Aaron and Leslie, Marc and Bill at Retro Vegas

Yes, it is now, officially a small retro renovation world – as readers start to bump into each other:

L.A. Leslie of the super groovy conversation pit time capsule writes:

Hello there,

…I am not sure if you heard from Retro-Vegas, but I discovered once again what a small world it is! My husband and I took a trip to Las Vegas this last week and stumbled upon the BEST 50’s/60’s antique store in Vegas called Retro Vegas. It turns out they are also fans of your blog and had just emailed you that morning – the day we came in- to inquire about me and the Moss pole lamp I have. Well we made the connection when he said he saw one from a website that blogs about 50’s/60’s. He said someone named “LA Leslie” (must be my new nickname from you) had one and we realized that was ME!!!!! I felt like a celebrity and we joked that this would be your 2nd coffee klatch gathering and should take a photo for your website to document. Look how you are bringing us all together! What a small world…

Attached is the photo from our gathering.

All the best and thanks for everything you do,

“LA Leslie”

Tee hee. Yes – I’d been emailing with Bill Johnson of Retro Vegas, I wanted to use some photos from his store. Then just ONE HOUR after he emailed me a photo of a Moss lamp – after reading that L.A. Leslie liked them – L.A. Leslie – who he’d never met – walked in the door!

One final thing, though, if we are going to relaunch this widely into the global lexicon, let’s make it the retro: Kaffee Klatsch!

  1. Courtney says:

    I was just in Vegas 2 weeks ago! Must be a Retro Renovation vortex. Wish I’d known about this place, we might have opened some kind of portal, or wormhole. It seems very likely.

    I went to visit with family, but I also went with a list culled mostly from here:

    Finally made it to the Peppermill! Highly recommended!

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