After we looked at the Alcoa Aluminum time capsule home in Minnesota a few weeks ago, we heard from Steven in Rochester, New York, who owns another of these houses.

He’s decorated just beautifully! The more I look at his interiors – the more I appreciate every detail and the mix of colors and textures. Swoon…

And, Steven has some original sales material and has posted it, along with 50 photos of his gorgeous home, on Flickr.

He says that in total – there were 23 of these “demonstration homes” built around the country – and there’s a list in the brochure.

Steven says about the house:

This house is located in Brighton which is a suburb of Rochester, NY. It was designed by architect Charles Goodman and it is 1 of 23 homes that were built for Alcoa Aluminum’s “Care-free Home” demonstration project.

It was built in 1957 by Fred P. DeBlase.

We moved into the house in June/07 and have spent the last six months working on the inside and outside. The house is not in its completely original state. Over the years the two bathrooms and the kitchen were remodeled. We intend to redo all of them more to period in the near future.

The original national sales brochure was handed down with the house and I have scanned and posted it too. On page 15 there is a listing of the locations of the 23 homes that were built.

And be sure to click here to see all 59 photos in Steven’s Flickr photostream!

Thank you so much for sharing, Steven!

  1. SaraTinkelman says:

    What an astonishing place! I’d be very, very grateful to Steven & Michael if they would let me know the name of the auto-body shop where they had their steel cabinets refinished. I’m in Brighton, fellas, and need some neighborly steering toward the right people to work on the Youngstown steel cabinets I recently acquired. – Sara [ edited by pam – pam sent an email to steven to make the connection ]

  2. MiMoPenny says:

    Hi, I’m so excited to see such interest in the Alcoa Care-Free Home(s)! I’d like to request a copy of the original brochure in .pdf – is it possible that someone could email it to Pam and she forward on to me? Thank you so much for your help.

  3. Steve says:

    I do have a pdf of the brochure but it it too large to send in an email. I could send a cd to you if you provide me with your contact info. If you want go to my flickr site and send me a email though there. Pam has put a link to my site in this post.

  4. Lynn Valentino says:

    I am selling my alcoa kitchen in Ohio. Does anyone know someone remodling their alcoa home that could use extra cabnets?

  5. Steve says:

    Thanks so much for having thr forethought to post that here!! Can you please email me through my Flickr site that Pam has a link to above. It would be great for these to end up in an Alcoa house.

  6. Fran Toporek says:

    My husband and I own a Fred DeBlase home in Brighton and would love to see the “23 homes” in the brochure. Our house was built in 1948 I think and it is also in Brighton…
    Thank you,
    Fran & Paul Toporek

  7. Lee Braun says:

    Do you have any photos of your Alcoa house that you could send me. We just purchased the one in Alexandria VA

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