Anita in Northern California has the bug something fearsome:
Hi – I stopped by the Goodwill store here in Manteca this afternoon in hopes of finding a vintage lampshade.  But instead I stumbled upon this 1962 Delmonico Stereo Console unit in perfect condition!  It was $49.50 and I had to buy it.  We just brought it in and plugged it in, the stereo works, sounds good, the turntable works.  The photos do not show true color, the speakers are more of a buttery yellow, the inside wood is maple and the whole cabinet is perfect.  The paperwork was all with it along with a warranty card that was filled out by the purchaser on 10-30-62 in Vallejo (not sure you can read it in the photo).  Anyway, it’s very groovy and a much better addition to our home than a vintage lampshade!  Anita
Anita’s friend Ron, who she copied on the email, also pointed out:
Wow. I see the tuner even has a short wave band!

  1. Patrick Keller says:

    I just inherited the same Delmonico stereo. Could i get a copy of the user’s manual as well?

  2. joe says:

    i just bought a delmonico console similar to this one but
    it has no documentation or users manual. is there any way
    i can get a copy of yours? digital email copies would be more than

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