With all the recent talk of shuffleboards, I did a little nosing around, and it turns out that you can still get a vinyl tile shuffleboard from Armstrong:

This definitely goes on my dream list! The back half of our basement is concrete… my husband David has been opposed to vinyl tiles even retro-sized ones… but when I show him this, it just might turn him around. He likes shuffleboard! … I think it would be pretty easy to work this very primary red-white-blue design into any number of color combos. I really particularly like the Armstrong Excelon black – it looks like it hasn’t  changed forever.

Where to buy: I find Armstrong’s website very difficult to find stuff on, and we can no longer find this on it. However, it DOES seem to be available. Search ‘Armstrong Shuffleboard’ and you will see this for sale at places like Menard’s.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Welcome, Lori. See my category: Kitchens/Flooring for all the different retro-styled flooring that we have identified so far.

  1. styro says:

    Aw man, when house-hunting, my husband and I visited this awesome 1937 house that we loved, but was more work than we were ready for, and it had a shuffleboard lino in the basement! It was super awesome.

      1. Naomi Bee says:

        I also have the original…but ours is black and red as opposed to blue and red. I will take a photo

  2. diane says:

    OMG!!!!! I have one of these shuffleboard set ups in my basement floor!!!!! I even have the original discs and poles!!!

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