A vintage pink bathroom tile mural – incredible

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for this truly INTENSE decorative remnant from the 50s – in Evansville, Indiana. OMG.

Reader MidModMegg posted this photo from her mother-in-law’s bathroom on the Save The Pink Bathrooms flickr page. She says it’s vintage and that there are several more like it in the neighborhood. And…the bathroom itself is pink pink pink pink everywhere, floor to wall to countertop to fixtures to ceiling. Come on, guys, how can I NOT be obsessed with pink bathrooms. Every time I think I’ve seen the best – another one comes along! Thanks, MidModMegg!!! Now, though, it is your one true quest to go forth and get photos of all the other murals in all the neighbors’ bathrooms. A twist on the classic knock-on-the-door-to-borrow-a-cup-of-sugar, for sure!

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  1. Mikey Renn says:

    So beautiful and pristine! Lucky, lucky people! I would have to put pink lace in the window, though. I love the tiled ceiling!

  2. Bobbi says:

    An unused piece of my salmon pink bath tile has the following info embossed on the reverse:
    Does anyone know the manufacturer of this tile?

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