A stash of MIB NOS 60s and 70s rotary phones for sale

new old stock rotary dial telephone

My basic goal right now in life is to know-all, see-all when it comes to mainstreet middle class mid century modern. So imagine my surprise and delight to bump into this source for new-old-stock mint-in-box rotary dial telephones — the real deal — while I was on a separate, very silly quest.

The site is frillfreephones.com – and they’re based not too far from me near Hartford, Connecticut. The owner formerly sold phones – but was stuck with inventory when digital arrived. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of stock left. I would buy one for sure…but I’m feeling poor from buying all kinds of great new marketing materials to feature on the blog. Boo hoo. But such is the cost of knowing all and seeing all. hehe.

Here’s from the frillfreephones.com website:

We started selling phones and phone systems way back in 1977. In the mid 1980s, the business changed faster than we anticipated. People stopped buying basic phones, and we still had hundreds.

We didn’t give them away or throw them away; we just put them away.

But after two decades, what was old became new again.

People started asking us for old fashioned phones. We blew off the dust, unpacked the old cases, sorted and tested the phones, came back to the future, and set up FrillFreePhones.com in 2004.

As we’ve been selling off our own New Old Stock, we’ve been adding inventory from other sources, as they are discovered.

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    How can I have a phone and I would like be sure this is safe and not scam situation,,,,? 🙂

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi Oldfashioned man, I have updated the link taking you directly to this retailer’s website. As far as the reputation of this vendor, I cannot advise. You can go through their site, talk to them yourself (they have an “About” page that includes history, photos, a phone number to call, and a physical address), check with the Better Business Bureau and the like. You can also check websites that advise on steps to take when buying online; this is not an area where I am an expert.

  2. Jen says:

    I bought a rotary phone from Frill Free Phones this summer, and have been very pleased with their selection and quick shipping. I plan on buying a desk phone from them very soon, and this post just convinced me that my opportunity is now. 😉 I am tempted, however, to buy a fully modular one so that the cord can be extended. That was the only drawback to the wall phone I purchased: the cord is so short that you basically have to stand there and talk. I still love the phone, though.

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