Outrageous Oriental retro lamps and decor spotted at the Louisville Antiques Mall

From Louisville Antique Market

On my first full day in Louisville, my mom Fran and I went shopping for mid mod antiques, of course. Our destination: Five floors of eye candy at the downtown Louisville Antiques Mall. I can’t say I saw a ton of mid century modern. But one thread I captured: Outrageous Oriental lamps and such.

I have decided that I quite love love love these. The watercolors aside (lovely!), they are so on the unbearable lightness of being end of the spectrum. Let’s not take ourselves too seriously, retro renovators.

From Louisville Antique Market

One of two lovely Japanese watercolors.

From Louisville Antique Market

The second Japanese watercolor.

From Louisville Antique Market

I think you would call kitschy Siamese cats with jeweltone eyes Oriental art?

From Louisville Antique Market

These two little oriental statuettes could light up many a corner. I am a real sucker for anything with metallic gold sprinkled throughout.

From Louisville Antique Market

I think this is a lantern of some sort.

From Louisville Antique Market

Not Outrageous Oriental… but, my mom Fran in an outrageous 50s hat that we spotted. Great hat! Great mom!

From Louisville Antique Market

Cheeky boudoir lamps, in pairs, make my heart sing.

The only thing I bought all day: A fab 60s mod outfit for $10. We also had a memorable lunch in the Mall’s  5th-floor cafe, with good food, and views of downtown environs. What a fun day!

  1. Nicole says:

    I was just going to say if you are in Kentucky check to see if you can find Willett furniture and I see that you did. I think the furniture is on par (specially the later transitional lines) with Heywood and actually better made. I let a dining room set go on Craigslist for $300 and I am still kicking myself!!!!

  2. magnarama says:

    I visited this mall when I was in Louisville on biz a couple years back. Scored some fab treasures: a flawless oval cracked-ice formica and chrome table with fountain leg base for $20, a set of hot pink ’50s Samsonite luggage for $17, working Bakelite Philco ’30s radio for $40, and some other stuff I’ve forgotten. Great vintage mall — wish my life took me to Louisville regularly!

  3. Glamorlux Nancy says:

    Awww, those little white and gold statuettes would have been mine! I love 1950’s Asian themed items… We have figurines, shelf sitters, wall hangers and prints sprinkled through out our house. I wonder if “non-vintage” people who visit find it a bit odd!

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