Anita’s oriental figurine lamps with shades from Meteor Lights


Anita has been decorating away! She scored a wonderful pair of chartreuse oriental figurine lamps – then topped them with shades from Meteor Lights. In addition, take a look at the way she’s used vintage grasscloth – and even a surfboard – in her mantletop display. I’m ready to tiki at your house, Anita!

3 more great photos…

Anita writes:

The lamp bases are opposites of each other.  I was wandering through an antiques store in Modesto when the bases caught my eye, I thought they were just figurines, but they were chartreuse so I had to take a 2nd look and I discovered that they were actually lamp bases.


They look to me like they are from the 1950s.  After several weeks of searching ebay etc for a pair of nice vintage fiberglass shades I gave up and discovered a company not too far from me in San Francisco called Meteor Lights.  They have a great website where you can create custom lampshades from several styles etc.


Since they were so close I decided to stop in and get a first hand look at their shades – I ordered 2 – they are the small size ‘2-tier atomic’, with turquoise as the bottom color and caramel as the top color.  The pattern is ‘arcs’ in black and gold; the lanyard color is black.


One of the photos shows them on our family room mantle – a bit about that area – it is a combo 1950s everything – the mantle cover was my first ever attempt at tuck-n-roll; the seagrass wallpaper is vintage and framed out in split bamboo; the surfboard is a reproduction 1940s plank style that we still need to put the fin on (it’s in line with several other projects).  Enjoy the pics!

  1. astrosonical says:

    The lamps and the setting are first rate! I have a table lamp fetish, one of my prizes (in storage) is an $8.00 Goodwill find. It is bedroomy looking, made of ceramic, topped with a two tier fibreglas shade. The base is at odds with the shade. I love Oriental art and furnishings, those lamps of Anita’s are not to be believed, and the shades are the perfect topping!

  2. Ms. Atomic says:

    Hi Anita,

    Aren’t lamps awesome? We have so many crammed in our apartment. As for the sofa, we purchased it off a lovely lady who had been a mid century collector for decades, she had posted an ad for it on Craigslist and lived in Vallejo, CA. We got most of our furniture items from her. The couch was reupholstered in Melinamade fabric. Join Flickr and post more of your wonderful house shots!

  3. Anita says:

    I LOVE your lamp. I looked at your other photos and see that you seem to have the same love for lamps that I do – no matter how many I have I need more… the bases and the shades are all such works of art. Where did you find that sofa?

  4. Ms. Atomic says:

    I love the lamps, I too can endorse Meteor Lights and the superior service they provide. I live in SF and I have had them do four lamps for me. Great craftsmanship and a joy to talk to.

    Here is a pic of the latest lampshade i had done, also on a figural base.

  5. Palm Springs Stephan says:

    May I add my solid endorsement for Meteor Lights? I have had shades made by them as well, and they are superb.

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