A vintage sputnik clock – a dumpster diving contest entry from jsnugbear


Jsnugbear aka JohnQ sends today’s entry in our Found Objects…Found Art contest. Found in the trash at the side of the road, I swear:  Soon, next we will start a photo gallery of Dumpster Divers Anonymous.

fofa-johnqJsnugbear writes:

Hi Pam,
Here is my entry. I was tag sailing in Hadley, MA and saw this clock sitting on top of a pile of stuff on the ground. I asked how much they wanted for it and they said “It came out of our grandma’s house. Its from the 50’s or something. Its in the trash pile to be thrown out. If you want it, its free”!!! I rescued it from the pile and brought it home. I had to replace the mechanism and clean the face but its an original Starfire brand Danish Modern clock from the 60’s. It has become one of my favorite pieces. I have recently seen new reproductions costing hundred’s of dollars!!!!

John Q

  1. sablemable says:

    Oh, forgot to LOL at dumpster diving! Hubby found a blonde wood dresser, near perfect condition sitting on the side of a street. Of course, it’s ours now.

  2. LisaC says:

    I Love it !!! It looks to be in good condition. I wouldn’t mind stubbling onto something like that. Free! amazing….

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