An antique hat stand to change with the seasons – Kristin’s entry

kristins-hat-stand.JPGKristin’s entry in our Found Objects…Found Art contest.


This is my entry for your contest. Out of a houseful of “small object[s] found by chance which, though usually of little monetary value, captures the imagination of the finder and is therefore kept as a keepsake” I’ve chosen Edith. My mom and I saw her just as you see her at an antique mall and my mom snuck back and got her for me for Christmas several years ago. It’s an original hat display from a store that somewhere along the way has been hand-painted in a crude, but charming style. The hat in the picture came with her, but I change it as my mood and the seasons change.

Thank you,

  1. Sara says:

    How cute! My mom talks about the hours of fun she and her friends would have trying on hats at the hat counter of a large downtown dept. store in Seattle during her time at the University during WWII. No money to buy one but so much fun trying them on. Wish I could go back in time and be a bystander!

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