A vintage TV light combined with a goldfish bowl – Barbara’s entry


Barbara S’s entry in our Found Objects Found Art contest. Hey, B, don’t the fish kind of get hot?

Barbara writes:


This item is the “ultimate” in 1950s accessories.   It’s a TV lamp/fishbowl combo!  In a time when it was believed that you needed to have a light on above your TV so that you did not ruin your eyesight, add to it the fun of watching a fish swim around!  We all remember the wonder and amazement of watching fish in a bowl when we were kids.  My first goldfish I named myself….”Pete” and “Repete”.  Original, huh?  We hope you enjoy “Harry” and his cool home!

  1. Linda St.laurent says:

    Just wondering if you had any idea of the value of the 1950’s fish/lamp tv light that is shown on Found Objects Found Art is.
    Our daughter has one in excellent contition. Thanks!


      1. Dave says:

        Hi, Don’t know if anyone is still interested in the price of this little beauty, but I just picked it up a couple of days ago on Etsy, and I paid $150.
        Regardless, when I saw it I just had to have it!
        Since the fish tank is so small, I’m thinking of putting a single Japanese fighting fish in it. I’ll let you know on the life expectancy of a TV Lamp Fish…..

  2. Kristin says:

    I have one of these too! But haven’t discovered the genius of the fishbowl…however, if the lamp didn’t cook them, the cats would!

  3. Elvis says:

    Want! I love it! Pam’r right about the heat on the goldfish…maybe it’s a clever way to limit TV viewing hours!

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