Ann’s entry into our Found Objects Found Art contest. She writes:

These are a few treasures from my Grandmothers house.  My Grandmother had some amazing treasures that I loved.  The glamorous Pig Bank was my very favorite.  While searching though her home, I came across the “gold book box”  and I remember “playing” with when my Grandmother was not looking.  In a closet in the den I found the Florida Architecture book, I had never seen it before, but I liked it and no one else wanted it. When I return to my house, I had many many items from my Grandmothers house to unload, but being too tired to unload them all, I just took a few inside.   I took The Florida Architecture Book and Gold Book Box and put them on my bookshelf.  Later that night my mother and I were going through some of my Grandmother’s photo albums and I notice a picture of her living room and on her cocktail table she had the Florida Architecture Book with the Gold Book Box on top of it. To me it was a sign from my Grandmother – she was happy that I had some of her treasures.
Thank you, Ann Thompson

  1. Tikimama says:

    Ooooh…another story with connections to lost loved-ones! I just can’t get enough! So sweet…I believe it was your Grandmother’s way of speaking to you.

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