Vintage Pig Mania, Yahtzee – and family game night … Judi’s entry


Now … our final entry in the Found Objects Found Art Contest.  Judi aka Sumac Sue”s tribute to those days when there were only three network TV stations – so we played games…

This is our final contest entry – I think.  If I missed you, please email me, retrorenovation at gmail dot com. And get ready: Voting starts Sunday.

Judi writes:

Hi Pam. Here is my entry for the found objects contest. While I think there are other entries far better than this one… I want to contribute something to the contest, if only to show
how many different types of objects can appeal to us all.

My photo shows a couple of my favorite games, Yahtzee and Pig Mania. Yahtzee probably was played by Adam and Eve, it’s been around for so long.  I first played Pig Mania in the 80s, so I don’t think that game has been
around quite as long as Yahtzee. This particular Pig Mania game originally belonged to my parents, but, at some point it got passed to me. I found this old Yahtzee set at a yard sale a few months ago.

These two games represent the dozens of games my family played around the dining table over the years, a tradition that got started when my siblings and I were kids in the late 50s and into the 60s. My parents would have a game night with us at least once a week, and we would eat popcorn and drink Barq’s root beer  while playing Old Maid or board games often based on TV shows, such as the Concentration Game or Password. I was a terrible game player; I would get bored and quit paying attention, so I usually lost the game or got the Old Maid card. (I did pay attention when we played the Barbie game, because I did not want Poindexter as a date to the

I always liked Yahtzee and Pig Mania because they are quick and easy to play. My Pig Mania game box still contains a few old score cards from past games with my siblings and our kids. And, this Yahtzee game contains a
score card showing that some other family was just like us — Dad, Mom, and Molly penciled in their scores when they had a game night.

Thanks Pam, for a great contest!


  1. sdlark says:

    I need a copy of the vintage rules of the game and how to score Pig Mania. Can anyone help?

  2. Tikimama says:

    I’ve got old family games that I treasure, and the old score cards are always somehow so poignant, especially if they have the name of someone who’s now gone. Why don’t people play games anymore (tv, duh)? I’m always looking for people to have game night with! Yours are cool. Never heard of Pig Mania, but Yahtzee is a family favorite with us, too.

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