Capel braided rugs suit 50s and 60s style perfectly – a Retro Renovation re-run

capel-hearthside-rug.jpgI have two of these braided Capel rugs, and I love them. They are very durable, versatile and affordable — and fit my 1951 colonial ranch home’s decor just fine. Remember, in the 1940s 50s and 60s homes were a mix and match…inside and out…of ranch, Cape and colonial style.  If your house is not all high-style Eichler modern – it could probably do will well with a warm dose of colonial underfoot.  These rugs come in all wool, which is really nice… chenille styles that last forever… and fiber mixes that may be better for your damp basement. As I said, I have two Capel braided rugs and at different points have had them in the dining room, living room, bedrooms, the basement — they really are  extremely versatile. And, there are zillions of style/color choices at Capel’s website.

This post originally ran Nov. 17, 2007

  1. sumacsue says:

    Jeanne, if you decide to throw those rugs out, throw them to me. I have a matching medium-sized and small one that I found in a secondhand store. They are a wool blend, I think. I’d love to have a large one, like the one I played Barbies on as a child. Nothing says cozy like a braided rug.

  2. Jeanne says:

    I CANNOT believe what I read, every time I log into this blog. lol. We moved into our 1952 story-and-a-half bungalow the end of October. We made the upstairs our master bedroom, as it is one large room (in two sections divided by built-in shelves). It’s knotty pine with hardwood floors. Not being a huge fan of knotty pine, I decided to accessorize in ivory and bought Ivory taffeta curtains. I really wanted to get two ivory rugs, one for each section, but need to spend money on other things right now. So, I’ve left the two large red braided rugs, that the previous owners left, on the floor for right now. And they are starting to grow on me! And your post just validated this for me, haha. They must be about 5 x 8 size and I will vouch that they are very durable. And to think I almost threw them out!

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi Jeanne – in my talks in Eugene I discuss how it can be satisfying to marry colonial with modern. Braided rugs are terrific at softening any room – and a great value! Next, though, I must work on building love for knotty pine! Hmmmm…. I see a mini series coming up!

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