shutter dogs

“Shutter dogs” — do you know what those are? Well, if you have, or want, shutters on the exterior of your ranch, colonial or Cape … you need to know about these! Shutter dogs are the decorative hardware used to hold the shutters back against the house, usually just decoratively. And like a classic pearl necklace – they are “house jewelry” that makes all the difference.

The real go-to place for shutter dogs — along with all kinds of other early American, wrought iron hardware including cabinet pulls, is Acorn Manufacturing. I like this company a lot a lot!

Nice stuff. My brick, ranch-style home has a colonial feel, especially on the exterior. I am dressing it up with black-iron hardware and lighting — and it looks terrific.

For the most complete listing of Acorn products, you can go to the website, Over the past year and a half since I originally ran this post – they seem to have dramatically improved their website. It also includes a link to online retailers.

A Retro Renovation re-run updated from the original post published Sept. 30, 2007