Yes, you can have wall-to-wall carpet in your retro home


With so much focus these days on hardwood, tile, cork and here, of course – VCT – flooring, it’s easy to forget that in postwar homes, carpet was very desirable.

In our 1951 colonial-ranch, the long step-down living room had (1975-era) carpet, with plywood underneath. Okay, we tore it out and replaced it with beautiful Berkshires oak. But honestly, my husband and daughter really wanted carpet. I was stymied by the fact that the room is more then 15′ wide and we would have seen a seam in a design like the one in the 1954 image above.

1954-wilton-carpet205.jpgNote – we absolutely have carpet in the basement, where it is colder and we plop on the floor in front of the TV each and every day, thank you very much! It’s a medium-pile gold, as close to harvest gold as I could find. Someday I’ll try and get a good photo of my cherry paneled rumpus room, it is so cool!

Anyway….If you prefer to go with carpeting, I’ve seen a lot of current styles not too different to that above. UPDATE: Be sure to read Stephan’s comment about Stainmaster carpets as a great solution. You can take your Sherwin Williams Suburban Modern or Sears Harmony House color cards along to shop.

This post was first published Jan. 12, 2008

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Just a note to say that, at least in the desert southwest, wall-to-wall carpeting in 1957 was considered an “upgrade”! Our 1957 rancher has oak hardwood throughout, except in the living and dining room, where the original owners upgraded to carpeting. Too funny! We are now looking for retro-style carpeting to replace the ugly one currently installed. Great site, by the way!

  2. Alex says:

    Oh, my. When my husband and I were looking for houses, we found one with this carpet in it — in green. He couldn’t stop commenting on how much work it would be to rip out the “green brain carpeting.” Haha!

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