Midcentury furniture legs and angled mounting brackets from Lowe’s

angled-hairpin-furniture-legs-from-lowesDO YOU HAVE FURNITURE that needs new legs? Or maybe you want to build an off-the-floor TV stand or bookshelf or…?

Well, reader Noah sent in this great find: Tapered legs…and Angled Mounting Plates…that can be found at Lowe’s and then used to update any piece of furniture. Inexpensive – stylish – and fun. You should see the TV stand he built in no time at all – terrific!

Noah writes:

Hey! So for an upcoming project, I am looking to use hairpin legs, but I also like the angled tapered circular legs on pieces of retro furniture that are extremely hard to find (paul mccobb desk, and many more)…

So I went to Lowe’s where they totally have those legs, in 5.5″, 4″, and something like 1.5′! They even have angled mounting plates that install into wood with ease! Maybe everyone already knew about these and I’m just overcoming some naive first stage of crafting, which could be understandable, but I was so into them that I had to tell you. Anyways, here’s a link to how I used them!:

Thanks, Noah – if you’re naive then I am, too, because I’d have never thunk to look for this.  You are super handy, and I love your blog and have added it to the blogroll!

  1. Troy Oakes says:

    The Home Depot has them . There online only , but they do have the full line of Wadell tapered legs , parsen and rounded.
    Whats even better. .thier most likely priced lower then Lowes too.

  2. Mark Stout says:

    The angle top plate is item 837. Manufacturer of the legs and the top plate is “Waddell”, which may help you if you don’t live near a Lowe’s.

  3. Jenny Boase says:

    Is Lowe’s in the USA? I am looking for just these legs to finish a retro restoration and can’t find anything like it in Austrlaia. Does any one know if they ship overseas?

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